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Payment Provider Contracts

Last updated: 05-Dec-2022

In the Payment Provider Contracts (PPC) page, you will be able to view a list of all service providers related to your organizations, with useful information such as your Verifone Merchant ID.

To view this page, select Administration > Payment Provider Contracts from the top menu. 

Payment Provider Contract

You can search for PPCs by name, and filter the list by:

  • Organization

  • Service provider 

  • Payment type

To view additional details of a specific PPC, click its row in the table. 

In the detailed PPC view, you will find your service provider configuration, including the supported channels, currencies, and payment types.  

The Payment Provider Contract ID can be easily copied for use in Checkout and eCommerce API (Application Programming Interface) calls. 

If any details are incorrect or missing, please contact your Verifone representative or local support. 

PPC Information

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