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Customize a Report Template

Last updated: 14-Mar-2024


This feature enables you to customize the content by selecting the transaction details you need, and the access to the report within your organization. You can create new report templates for exporting the report to best suit your business needs. 


This feature provides the following benefits: 

  • Enables you to personalize the reporting tools.
  • Allows you to make analysis faster by focusing only on the most important metrics.
  • Streamlined order data portability.
  • In-depth control over your order information.


Your level of access determines if you can create and edit a new template.

✅ Access:

  • Merchant Admin

🚫 No access:

  • Every other user roles
   All users, except those with Merchant External Partner, Reseller Manager (MOP) and Reseller Representative (MOP) roles, can download the customized CSV report. 


To create a new report template, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.

  2. Navigate to Commerce and select Transactions from the Reporting section.

  3. After you filter the transactions that you need included in the report, click on Export CSV.

  4. In the Export CSV pop-up dialogue box, click on Manage templates.

  5. In the Transactions report templates page, click on the Create template button on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Transaction Report Templates

  6. In the Report Template Name field, type the name of the new report template.

  7. In the Organization field select your organization from the drop-down menu. You can allow users from your organization and attached sub-organizations to use the template by clicking on the Share to all sub-organizations checkbox.

  8. In the Report Content section you can either select all the available transaction fields by clicking on the Select all fields checkbox or you can select only the fields you need by clicking on their respective checkbox from the list of 100 different transaction fields. With every selected checkbox from the list the counter next to the Select all fields checkbox increases, informing of the number of details you have selected so far. For information on each field, see Transaction details fields.

  9. Once you have chosen the details you need included in the report, click on Save template.

    Customize A Template

  10. The new template will now be available to use from the Report template drop-down list in the Export CSV pop-up menu each time you need to export a report.

  11. You can also edit existing templates if you have a Merchant Admin role in your organization.

    Test 2

Use Case: Reconciliation report 

You sell products and services through your online platform. You want to calculate the revenue for a certain time and want to see all the relevant transactions after refunds and other actions have been performed. Such a report is also referred to as a reconciliation because it would include also the different refunds that were performed. 

  1. Navigate to Commerce and select Transactions from the drop-down list. 
  2. Select a time range or which you would like to see transactions displayed. 
  3. Select Add Filter, set Transaction Type to Sale, Capture and Refund and set Transaction status to Settled.  Add Filter
  4. Click on Export CSV and select Manage Templates from the pop-up menu. 
  5. Click on Create template in Transactions report templates. 
  6. Select a Report Template Name and the Organization.Add template
  7. From the list of fields in the Report Content section select only the following: 
    • Organization Name 
    • Merchant ID 
    • Creation Date 
    • Creation Time 
    • Current Amount 
    • Current Amount Currency 
    • Transaction type 
    • Transaction ID 
  8. Click on Save template
  9. Return to the Transactions page, click on Export CSV and select the template you have created from the drop-down menu. Make sure that the Include all transaction types checkbox is selected.                                 Export CSV pop-up
  10. Click on Export and check your e-mail inbox for a link to download the report. Reconciliation Report
  11. In the downloaded CSV reports, you can see all the transactions that were performed, any possible refunds performed for those transactions. The merchant ID is relevant if you have several business sites as part of your Verifone account, whether it's e-commerce websites or in-store locations. 
   Note 1: Once you have saved a template, you can re-use it any time you need.

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