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Points of Interaction

Last updated: 30-Jan-2023

A Point of Interaction (POI) is where a customer is interacting with the merchant to do the payment. 

The Points of Interaction (POI) page lists the points of interaction that are associated with the organizations that your user has access to.  

To view this page, select Administration > Points of Interaction from the top menu. 

Points of Interaction POI

You can use the search bar to look for a POI by:

  • Device Serial Number 

  • Name  

  • Terminal ID 

You can also filter the search results by:

  • Organization  
  • Status 

As a Merchant Admin or a Merchant Supervisor you can add, edit or disable points of interaction. 

To view additional details of a specific POI, click its row in the table. 

POI Information

In the detailed POI view, you will find details about your point of interaction, such as the Verifone Terminal ID, and Type of point of interaction. 

Based on the type, additional fields can be available, e.g., Device serial number, Device ID, etc. for devices of type “Point of Sale”. 

If any Payment Provider Contracts are associated with your POI, they will also be listed on this page. 

Click Edit Point of Interaction to update its details or Disable Point of Interaction to disable it. 

Create a Point of Interaction 

To create a new point of interaction, click Add new Point of Interaction in the Points of Interaction main page.

Administration Points of Interaction

The following fields are required to save the new POI: 

  • Point of Interaction Name – the name by which the POI will be identified in Verifone Central

  • Organisation – the organization with which the POI will be associated 

  • Terminal ID – the Verifone Terminal ID 

  • Type – the type of terminal used for the POI. E.g., Point of Sale, Kiosk, Standalone, Virtual, etc. 

Additional optional fields can be configured as well: 

  • Description – a short description of the POI 

  • Device ID – a recognizable ID, that can be used to identify the POI. E.g., a concatenation of the chain, store and lane numbers. 

  • Device serial number – available only for POI types: Point of Sale, Kiosk, unattended, standalone, and mobile. 

  • Printer Format – available only after setting the Device serial number. Supported printer formats are: WIDE (90mm), NARROW (60mm), and XML. 

  • Cutover Configuration Id – this is used for settlement reporting for Mexico Total Reports solutions. You can choose a specific batch type from the drop down (like FISERV_AU3, FISERV_AU1, etc.) or choose FLEXIBLE BATCH, which means you can trigger any number of cutovers (close batches) on a single day (e.g., for each cashier change). 

  • Payment Provider Contract – to link the POI with one or more PPCs that are associated with the selected Organisation. For each selected PPC you need to set the Acquirer Terminal ID, except for a MobilePay PPC. When selecting a MobilePay PPC, the MobilePay Terminal ID and Beacon ID should be automatically filled out. 

When selecting a PPC with an Alternative Payment Method (APM) such as Vipps, Swish, or MobilePay as the service provider, additional input fields might be required: 

  • Store Hours – all the APM service providers are validating the store’s opening hours. Some APMs even cut the payment connection outside of the store’s business hours. 

  • APM TID – currently required only for Vipps. This is the terminal ID that was assigned by Vipps and should be entered as part of the Vipps onboarding. 

  • AML Time-out – this will determine what the gateway should do if the AML check times out – either accept or block the transaction.

   If configured, then the Verifone Terminal ID, Service Provider (Acquirer) Terminal ID, Serial Number, and Device ID will be displayed in the Transactions Report under the Terminal Details section of the Details tab of relevant transactions.

POI Transactions

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