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3-D Secure Provider Contracts

Last updated: 23-Feb-2023

3-D Secure is an extra authentication step which can be requested by you from your shoppers during the Checkout flow. To enable 3-D Secure functionalities, a 3-D Secure Provider Contract needs to be created. The 3-D Secure Provider Contract ID will be needed in the Checkout configuration or Server-to-Server integration.

When required, a Verifone representative will set up the 3-D Secure Provider Contract for your organization. For additional information on 3-D Secure and its benefits, read 3-D Secure.

Each user in your organization will only be able to see 3-D Secure Provider Contracts based on their access level.

To view this page, select Administration > 3-D Secure Provider Contracts from the top menu.

3DS Secure Provider Contracts

Use the search bar to look for a 3-D Secure Provider Contract by its name or filter the list of contracts by organizations.

Click any row in the table to view additional details of a specific 3-D Secure Provider Contract.

3DS Contract

The 3-D Secure Contract ID can be easily copied for use in Checkout API or 3D Secure API integrations.

   Note: When submitting 3DS authenticated payments, make sure the 3-D Secure Contract ID and the Payment Provider Contract ID that you are using are associated with the same Organisation ID.

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