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Blocking failed 3DS transactions

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024


The purpose of 3-D Secure is to safeguard the online payment by applying an additional authentication step of the cardholder before sending an authorization request to the card issuer.  

However, adoption of 3-D Secure is significantly different across geographic regions. This leads to a variety of payment flows, depending on if 3-D Secure is mandatory or not in that specific country. 

Given the role of Verifone as a Payment Gateway, and the differences across regions where merchants can sell, it is necessary to add a blocking rule based on the result of the 3-D Secure authentication to enforce the business flow required by each country. 


The Blocking Rulesets in Verifone Central is available under the Administration tab and can be used by any user with a Merchant Admin role. 

administration tab

The availability of 3D-Secure depends on each acquirer. Please consult the list of supported acquirers together with the functionality available here.  

Workflow in Verifone Central

Merchants that fall under the requirements of PSD 2 and require a 3DS authentication from shoppers located inside the European Economic Area (EEA) need to create two blocking rules to block transactions that either failed or rejected the 3-D Secure authentication process. 

Blocking rulesets must be set at Merchant Site level. As a Merchant Admin, in Verifone Central, go under Administration > Blocking Rulesets and create two new blocking rulesets, blocking based on the 3DS Authentication statuses: N (Failed) and R (Rejected). These need to be two independent blocking rulesets. 

Create a blocking ruleset for failed 3DS transactions

blocking ruleset for failed 3DS transactions


Create a blocking ruleset for rejected 3DS transactions

blocking ruleset for rejected 3DS transactions

Read the full documentation for blocking rulesets here.


Failed transactions due to blocking rulesets will have a response code = 9998 with the response description “Transaction blocked by validation rules”. Further reporting can be done based on the 3D Secure status N (Failed) and R (Rejected).

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