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2Checkout API Upgrade Guide

2Checkout API Upgrade Guide

Last updated: 14-Feb-2024
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Use this guide to prepare and migrate your 2Checkout API implementation to our newest version. This document features deprecations, updates, and enhancements, providing guidance on how to upgrade your implementation to the latest version of the 2Checkout API.

New authentication flow

 To use the latest 2Checkout API version, you need to update your authentication process. The parameters included in the authentication flow are displayed below.

Parameters Type/Description
merchantCode Required (String)
  Your merchant identification code. Can be found in your Admin Area, in the System Setting section.
date Required (String)
  GMT ISO Date format (e.g. 2010-01-01 12:13:14)
hash Required (Object)
  Calculated HMAC_SHA signature based on merchantCode and date, using your secret key. Your secret key can be found in your System settings area.
algo Required (String)
  Hashing algorithms. Accepted values: sha256/sha3-256

API protocols

The latest 2Checkout version (API 6.0) is available via three API protocols: JSON-RPC, SOAP and REST. Check below the authentication method for each of them.

login login login

 2Checkout API methods status

2Checkout legacy method Status 2Checkout new API method
detail_sale  Updated. Use: getOrder
list_sales  Updated. Use: Instant Search Order Export
refund_invoice  Updated. Use: Instant Refund
refund_lineitem  Updated. Use: Instant Refund
stop_lineitem_recurring  Updated. Use: disableRecurringBilling 
reauth  Deprecated N/A
mark_shipped  Deprecated N/A
create_comment  Updated. Use: addSubscriptionAdditionalInformationField 
list_products  Updated. Use: searchProducts 
detail_product  Updated. Use: getProductById 
create_product  Updated. Use: addProduct 
update_product  Updated. Use: updateProduct
delete_product  Deprecated N/A
list_options  Updated. Use: getAssignedPriceOptionGroups 
detail_option  Updated. Use: getPriceOptionGroup 
create_option  Updated. Use: addPriceOptionGroup 
update_option  Updated. Use: updatePriceOptionGroup 
delete_option  Deprecated N/A
list_coupons  Updated, but for promotions. Use: searchPromotions 
detail_coupon  Updated, but for promotions. Use: getPromotion 
update_coupon  Updated. Use: updatePromotionCoupon 
delete_coupon  Updated. Use: deletePromotionCoupon 
detail_company_info  Deprecated N/A
detail_contact_info Deprecated N/A
detail_pending_payment  Updated. Use: getOrder
list_payments  Deprecated N/A

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