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IPN parameters

Last updated: 11-Jul-2024
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Depending on your IPN settings, notifications contain all or a subset of the available parameters.

2Checkout sends IPN parameters exemplified in this article.

   2Checkout continues to add new IPN parameters on an ongoing basis. To include additional information in the notifications, enable the new parameters in the IPN settings page, in your Merchant Control Panel.
   Some parameters might behave differently depending on the payment method. For example, parameter MESSAGE_TYPE behaves differently on the SEPA Direct debit the flow, therefore the values for the parameters received are different than those in the table below.
Parameter values for the Credit card flow: "ORDERSTATUS": "PAYMENT_RECEIVED" / "MESSAGE_TYPE": "APPROVED".
Parameter values for the SEPA Direct debit flow: "ORDERSTATUS": "PAYMENT_RECEIVED" / "MESSAGE_TYPE": "PROCESSING".

 IPN Parameters

Parameter Description Type/Length

Allows shoppers to gift the subscription/product acquired to the recipient specified using the delivery details during the purchase process. Possible values:

  • 0 – Not a gift order.
  • 1 – Gift order. The subscription/product is a gift.
SALEDATE Y-m-d H:i:s. The datetime stamp when shoppers place orders (e.g.: 2008-06-22 19:33:28) (e.g.: 2013-12-01 01:00:24) String/19
PAYMENTDATE Y-m-d H:i:s. The datetime stamp when payment processors authorize a transaction for an order 2Checkout approved (e.g.: 2008-06-22 14:30:24) (e.g.: 2013-12-01 01:00:24) String/19
COMPLETE_DATE Y-m-d H:i:s. The datetime stamp when orders reach Complete status (2Checkout received payments and marked the order as fulfilled, if necessary). (e.g.: 2008-06-22 14:41:30) (e.g.: 2013-12-01 01:00:24) String/19
REFNO Unique, system-generated 2Checkout order reference. Integer/9
REFNOEXT The order reference code (max. 100 chars) you control. You can attach an external reference number to orders during the purchase process. String/100
SHOPPER_REFERENCE_NUMBER The internal reference number your customers assign to orders during the checkout process. Customers using Purchase Orders (POs) as the payment method during the ordering process have the option of setting identifiers for their orders to track and manage purchases in their own system. String/255

Available for subscription renewals.

Array of REFNOEXT (the external order reference - max. 100 chars) values set for the initial orders when the subscriptions were first acquired.

ORDERNO Order counter (numeric, incremental). Visible in your account in the Order search area. Integer

Current order status. Possible values are:

• PENDING - Order placed, waiting bank authorization.

• PAYMENT_AUTHORIZED – The bank authorized the payment.

• SUSPECT – 2Checkout is reviewing the order having flagged it as a potential fraud attempt. Note: Not available by default. Contact 2Checkout directly to start receiving this order status.

• INVALID – Invalid Billing/Delivery information.

• COMPLETE – 2Checkout marked the order as complete.

• REFUND – 2Checkout refunded the money paid back to the shopper. 2Checkout can only refund complete orders.

• REVERSED – 2Checkout reversed a transaction and released the money back to the customer. 2Checkout can only reverse authorized orders that never reach the complete status.

• PURCHASE_PENDING – Sent for orders placed using Purchase Orders after you approve the PO. 2Checkout is waiting for the customer to make the payment.

• PAYMENT_RECEIVED – 2Checkout sends this notification when it received payment for orders with offline payment methods such as bank/wire transfer.

• CANCELED - The 2Checkout system sends out notifications when:

  • 2Checkout representatives cancel eStore orders (only for orders that are not authorized/paid, otherwise a reverse or refund action is required).
  • Partner (Channel Manager) orders you cancel yourself.

• PENDING_APPROVAL - 2Checkout has yet to approve this order.

PAYMETHOD Order payment method. String/255

Payment method code.

Possible values:

CCVISAMC Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard
WIRE Wire transfer
CCAMEX American Express
CCDINERS Diners Club
VENDOR2VENDOR Vendor to vendor
PURCHASE_ORDER Purchase order
DISCOVER Discover/Novus
FREE Payment not required
ALIPAY 支付宝 (Alipay)
PAYNEARME Cash at 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/ACE
WIRE_ARMS_RS Bank/Wire transfer - Channel Manager
CCVISAMC_ARMS_RS Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard - Channel Manager
CCAMEX_ARMS_RS American Express - Channel Manager
PAYPAL_ARMS_RS PayPal - Channel Manager
CHECK_ARMS_RS Check - Channel Manager
BOLETO Boleto/Pix
TRIALPAY TrialPay Checkout
CCELO Elo Card

Shopper card type. When shoppers use multiple cards, 2Checkout includes the type of the last card used in the IPN - e.g. "Visa".

Empty for non-card transactions.


The last 4 digits of the shopper credit/debit card. When shoppers use multiple cards, 2Checkout includes the last four digits of the last card used in the IPN - e.g. "Visa".

 Empty for non-card transactions.

CARD_EXPIRATION_DATE MM/YY. Card expiration month and the year. String/5
FX_RATE Value of the exchange rate locked when the order reaches the Complete status. Includes the 2Checkout markup. Float Number/100
FX_MARKUP 2Checkout exchange rate markup.  Float Number/100
PAYABLE_AMOUNT Net profit in payout currency. Float Number/100
PAYOUT_CURRENCY Your account's default payout currency. String/3
SHIPPING_TRACKING_NO The tracking number requested as optional information when the order was marked as shipped. String
SHIPPING_COMMENTS Additional information requested as optional when the order was marked as shipped. String
SHIPPING_TRACKING_URL The Tracking URL defined when creating a shipping method. String
SHIPPING_METHOD_NAME Name of the shipping method used during the order. String

Order shipment status. Possible values:

  • TRUE - for shipped orders
  • FALSE - for orders that are not shipped

Chargeback status information. Possible values:

· OPEN (chargeback is in progress)

· WON (chargeback won by you)

· LOST (chargeback won by the customer)

· ACCEPTED (you agreed to repay the value of the order to the customer)

· NONE (no chargeback initiated for the order)

To manage chargeback notifications navigate to Control Panel Dashboard →Integrations → Webhooks and API, and click on the IPN settings tab.

In the General IPN Settings section, under Triggers, make sure to check the boxes next to the following options:

· chargeback open (2Checkout sends an IPN when shoppers open a chargeback dispute).

· chargeback closed - (2Checkout sends an IPN when the parties involved resolve a chargeback dispute).

Also, check the checkbox next to the CHARGEBACK_RESOLUTION parameter featured in the Response tags area.


Identifier for the chargeback dispute reason from the 2Checkout system. Empty for orders with no chargeback dispute initiated.

Possible values:

  • MERCHANDISE_NOT_RECEIVED - Order not fulfilled/not delivered
  • NOT_AS_DESCRIBED - Product(s) not as described/not functional
  • DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION - Duplicate order
  • FRAUD / NOT_RECOGNIZED - Fraud/Order not recognized
  • CREDIT_NOT_PROCESSED - Agreed refund not processed
  • NOT_RECOGNIZED - New/renewal order not recognized
  • AUTHORIZATION_PROBLEM - Authorization problem
  • INFO_REQUEST - Information request
  • UNKNOWN - Unknown
  • CANCELED_RECURRING - Recurring payment was canceled

Possible values:

• 1 - for test orders

• 0 - for real orders

GATEWAY_RESPONSE Forwards the payment gateway response received as a part of the card authorization process. Contact 2Checkout directly if the GATEWAY_RESPONSE parameter is not available in the list under the Notification Details area on the IPN settings page. Log into your Control Panel account and access this link to download a list of all gateway responses. String/255

Source of the order placed. Possible values:

  • Automatic Billing 
  • WEB 
  • Mobile
  • API

Refund reason.

Possible value can be one of the refund reasons defined in the platform:

  • Chargeback
  • Duplicate order
  • Not satisfied with the product
  • Product not received
  • Unwanted auto-renewal
  • Technical issue with the product
  • Other
  • No reason

If you have set your own refund reasons, the value corresponds to the reasons selected in the refund process from your customized reasons.

Click here to learn how to customize your refund reasons.


Possible values:

  • APPROVED for orders with a low fraud risk that passed the fraud screening.
  • DENIED for orders with high score risk that were automatically rejected by the fraud engine.
  • UNDER REVIEW for orders with a high fraud risk that require manual review and approval before the charge can be collected.
  • PENDING for orders that are yet to enter the fraud screening.
MESSAGE_ID The number generated incrementally for each sequence of message type sent to a seller. Integer

The name of the event triggering the notification.


MESSAGE_TYPE possible values Trigger name (according to Merchant Control Panel)
PENDING Pending orders.
PROCESSING Orders waiting to be processed by 2Checkout system.
APPROVED Authorized and approved orders (sent before electronic delivery).
AUTH Authorized and approved orders (sent after electronic delivery).
APPROVED_DELIVERY Order approved for delivery.
COMPLETE Completed orders.
ORDER_UNDER_REVIEW Orders under 2Checkout review.
SHOPPER_INVOICE Invoice generated.
SUSPECT Fraud suspect.
CANCELED Canceled orders.
CHARGEBACK_OPEN Chargeback open.
CHARGEBACK_CLOSED Chargeback closed.
REFUND Reversed and refund orders.
PENDING_APPROVAL_ORDER_FOR_PARTNER Pending approval orders from partners.
VENDOR_APPROVED Approved orders from partners.
DELIVERED_ORDER_FOR_PARTNER Delivered orders from partners.


VENDOR_CODE Unique merchant identifier generated by the 2Checkout system. String
PROPOSAL_ID The unique identifier of the proposal generating the order. Can be found in Order additional information as text.  String




FIRSTNAME Customer first name String/40
LASTNAME Customer last name String/40
COMPANY Company Name String/40
REGISTRATIONNUMBER Company registration number String/50
FISCALCODE Company VAT ID / Tax ID String/50
CBANKNAME Company bank name String/40
CBANKACCOUNT Company bank account String/50
ADDRESS1 Address String/100
ADDRESS2 More address information String/100
CITY City String/30
STATE State/County String/30
ZIPCODE Zip code String/30
COUNTRY Country String/50
COUNTRY_CODE Country code String/2
PHONE Phone number String/40
FAX Fax number String/40
CUSTOMEREMAIL Customer email address String/40


FIRSTNAME_D First name String/40
LASTNAME_D Last name String/40
COMPANY_D Company name String/50
ADDRESS1_D Address String/100
ADDRESS2_D Extra address information String/100
CITY_D City String/30
STATE_D State/County String/30
ZIPCODE_D Zip code String/20
COUNTRY_D Country String/50
COUNTRY_D_CODE Country code String/2
PHONE_D Telephone number String/40
EMAIL_D Email address for delivery String/80
IPADDRESS Customer IP address String/250
IPCOUNTRY Country name, based on the user IP address String/50


TIMEZONE_OFFSET The time zone you selected or the default GMT+02:00 time zone of the 2Checkout system. String/9

Currency used in order.

Possible values:

• USD 
• EUR 

Depending on your account settings, other currencies might be available.


Array of strings. Allows you to see how the custom price is calculated and is included in the IPN message you receive after an order. It contains the following variables: 

  • Product ID
  • License code   
  • TYPE – Possible values: 
    • GROSS 
    • NET  
    • empty 
  • SOURCE_NAME – Possible values: 
    • the name of the promotion name for SOURCE_TYPE set to PROMOTION 
    • the name of the campaign for SOURCE_TYPE set to CHURN_CAMPAIGN or ENROL_CAMPAIGN 
    • empty for any other value of SOURCE_TYPE 
  • SOURCE_TYPE – Possible values: 
    • GROSS  
    • NET  
    • empty  
    • SYSTEM 
    • CPANEL 
    • API 
    • IMPORT 
    • n/a 
  • DISCOUNT_VALUE – The amount of the discount 
  • DISCOUNT_TYPE – Possible values: 
    • PERCENT 
    • FIXED 
  • DISCOUNT_CURRENCY –Possible values: 
    • 3 letter currency code of the discount for DISCOUNT_TYPE set to FIXED 
    • empty for any other DISCOUNT_TYPE 

Example :



[31029265] => Array


[H17120HBAY] => Array


[AMOUNT] => 80



[SOURCE_NAME] => custom price regular










Payment interface language. Current possible values:

  • ar العربية Arabic
  • bg български език Bulgarian
  • cs Česky Czech
  • da Dansk Danish
  • de Deutsch German
  • el Ελληνικά Greek
  • en English
  • es Español Spanish
  • fa فارسی Persian
  • fi Suomi Finnish
  • fr Français French
  • he Hebrew עִבְרִית
  • hi Hindi
  • hr Hrvatski jezik Croatian
  • hu Magyar Hungarian
  • it Italiano Italian
  • ja 日本語 Japanese
  • ko 한국어 Korean
  • nl Nederlands Dutch
  • no Norsk Norwegian
  • pl Polski Polish
  • pt Português Portuguese
  • pt-br Português do Brasil Brazilian Portuguese
  • ro Română Romanian
  • ru Русский Russian
  • sk Slovenčina Slovak
  • sl Slovène Slovenian
  • sr Serbian
  • sv Svenska Swedish
  • th ไทย Thai
  • tr Türkçe Turkish
  • zh 中文 Chinese Simplified(Cantonese)
  • zy 繁体中文 Chinese Mandarin Traditional































The type of ordering flow used for placing the order. Available values:

• PURCHASE_ORDER (when customers use a Purchase Order).

• REGULAR (default, with the exception of scenarios in which customers use POs).

IPN_PID[] Array of products identifiers, within current order, from 2Checkout system (unique, system-generated product reference codes). Array of Integers
IPN_PNAME[] Array with products names. Array of Strings
IPN_PCODE[] Array with the reference codes you configure and control for products. (seller reference) Array of Strings/100
IPN_INFO[] Array with extra information for each product within current order. Array of Strings/100
IPN_QTY[] Array with the number of units purchased. Array of Integers/3
IPN_PRICE[] Array with prices for each product (excluding tax), with dot as float separator. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_VAT[] Array with the tax values for each product. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_VAT_RATE[] Array with the tax rate as percentages for each product. Array of Float Numbers/100
IPN_VER[] Array with the version of each product. Array of Strings/50
IPN_DISCOUNT[] Array with discount values within a promotion, including taxes. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_PROMONAME[] Array with names you configured for promotions. Array of Strings/100
IPN_SKU[] Array with product SKU codes. Array of Strings/255
IPN_LICENSE_PROD[] Array with unique, system-generated product references for which 2Checkout generates subscription for a purchase (either new subscriptions or renewals). Array of Integers/11

Array with the type of subscription purchased for each product. Possible values:

• REGULAR (new license)
• RENEWAL (renewal for an old license) 
• UPGRADE (an upgrade to an existing license) 

Array of Strings/7
IPN_LICENSE_REF[] Array with unique, system-generated subscription references. You can use them to build renewal links. Array of Strings/10
IPN_LICENSE_EXP[] Array with subscription expiration dates. Array of Strings/19
IPN_LICENSE_ADDITIONAL_INFO Array with license additional information Array of Strings
IPN_DELIVEREDCODES[] Array with codes delivered to customers when using 2Checkout Delivery. Array of Strings/256
IPN_DOWNLOAD_LINK Download link delivered to customers. String/50
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_PID Array with the unique identifiers of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Integers/11
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_PNAME Array with the names of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Strings/155
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_PCODE Array with the codes you control of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Strings/100
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_QTY Array with the quantity of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Integers/3
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_SKU Array with the SKUs of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Strings/255
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_PGROUP Array with the group IDs of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Integers/11
IPN_BUNDLE_DETAILS_1234_PGROUP_NAME Array with the names of the products included in the bundle, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID. Array of Strings/100
IPN_BUNDLE_DELIVEREDCODES_1234[] Array with delivery information for each product included in the bundle. Array of Strings/30
IPN_ORDER_COSTS[] Array with DIS and Backup Media costs per each product in the order (in the order currency). Array of Float Numbers
IPN_PCOMMISSION[] Affiliate product commission, using dot (.) as float separator. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_TOTAL[] Partially total on order line (including taxes), using dot (.) as float separator. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_TOTALGENERAL Total transacted sum, including shipping and VAT, using dot (.) as float separator, expressed in the same currency as the CURRENCY field. Float Number
IPN_PROMO_IDCODE[] Promotion code automatically generated by adding a new promotion. Array of Float Number
IPN_PARTNER_MARGIN_PRODUCTS_PERCENT[] Percentage configured as margin for partners. Array of Float Number
IPN_SHIPPING Shipping costs, expressed in the same currency as the CURRENCY field, using dot (.) as float separator. Float Number
IPN_GLOBALDISCOUNT Global order discount. It is an optional field that is sent only for values greater than 0. Float Number
IPN_COMMISSION 2Checkout commission, using dot (.) as float separator. Float Number
IPN_CUSTOM_TEXT[] Array with all the custom fields texts set per order. For example: "Do you agree with the return policy?". Array of Strings
IPN_CUSTOM_VALUE[] Array with all client input corresponding for the text. For example: "Yes". Array of Strings
IPN_CUSTOM_1234_TEXT[] Array with all the custom fields texts set per product, where1234 represents the product ID. Array of Strings
IPN_CUSTOM_1234_VALUE[] Array with all client input corresponding for the text, where 1234 represents the product ID. Array of Strings

Array with the names of all the price options, where 1234 represents the 2Checkout product ID.

For usage scale pricing option groups, 2Checkout returns the name of the pricing options as well as the number of units of metered resources consumed by the customer. Format: 'PricingOptionsGroupName: NumberOfUnitsConsumed', for example 'GBs: 100'.

Array of Strings/250

Array with unique codes set up for the pricing option groups, where1234 represents the product ID.

In the case of usage scale pricing options groups, 2Checkout return both the unique code of the group as well as the number of units of metered resources consumed by the customer. Format: 'UniqueCode: NumberOfUnitsConsumed', for example 'meteredGBs: 100'.

Array of Strings/250

Array with optional codes (unique for pricing option group), where 1234 represents the product ID.

In the case of usage scale pricing options groups, 2Checkout returns both the unique code of the group as well as the number of units of metered resources consumed by the customer. Format: 'UniqueCode: NumberOfUnitsConsumed', for example 'meteredGBs: 100'.

Array of Strings/250

Array with all prices corresponding to each option (prices are in the order currency), where 1234 represents the product ID.

In the case of usage scale pricing options groups, it will return the price of the metered resources consumed by the customer in the order currency.

Array of Float Numbers

Array with all price operators corresponding to each price option, where 1234 represents the product ID 
Possible values:

• ADD 

Array of Strings/9

Designed to differentiate usage pricing options groups from non-usage pricing options groups.

Possible values:

• PREPAID - for orders involving products with pricing options groups of the following type: Radio, Dropdown, Checkbox and Scale (but without a metered cost component (usage scale pricing)). 
• POSTPAID - for orders involving products with a metered cost component (usage scale pricing).

IPN_REFERRER The last URL accessed by the shopper before landing in the 2Checkout cart. String/255
IPN_LINK_SOURCE The link source for the sales. The SRC parameter used to track every sale point generator. String/255
IPN_RESELLER_ID Affiliate ID that referred the sale. Integer/9
IPN_RESELLER_NAME Affiliate name String/50
IPN_RESELLER_URL Affiliate website String/100
IPN_RESELLER_COMMISSION Affiliate total commission, using dot(.) as float separator. Float Number

Array indicating the products shoppers purchased opting for the lifetime/evergreen option.

Possible values:

• YES = lifetime subscription
• NO

Array of Strings/3

Possible values:

  • Empty = ecommerce order
  • Partner code
2CHECKOUT_CUSTOMER_REFERENCE Default customer numerical (integer) IDs generated automatically by the 2Checkout system. Read more here. Integer/11
EXTERNAL_CUSTOMER_REFERENCE Unique customer alphanumeric (string) identifiers that you control. Read more here. String/255

This parameter, sent along with the notifications provided for orders placed in the 2Checkout system, offers additional info for refunds processed. REFUND_TYPE describes the type of the refund, total or partial. As such, the parameter can have two possible values:

  • TOTAL – 2Checkout paid back the entire sum paid for the initial order.
  • PARTIAL – 2Checkout paid back only a percentage of the amount paid for the initial order.

REFUND_TYPE is empty for orders that are not refunds.

IPN_PARTNER_MARGIN_PERCENT Percentage configured as margin for partners. Float Number
IPN_PARTNER_MARGIN Value deducted from the cost of orders, corresponding to the margin configured for partners. Float Number
IPN_EXTRA_MARGIN Value deducted from the cost of the order corresponding to the extra margin offered to a partner for the purchase. Float Number
IPN_EXTRA_DISCOUNT The value deducted from the cost of the order, corresponding to the extra discount offered to the partner for the purchase. Float Number
IPN_COUPON_DISCOUNT The value of the discount deducted from the cost of the order, corresponding to the promotion coupon used by the partner for the purchase. Float Number
IPN_EXTERNAL_REFERENCE Array with seller reference code for order products (seller reference). Array of Strings
IPN_PROMOCODE Promotion codes for the above IPN_DISCOUNT. Array of Float Numbers
IPN_PGROUP Product group ID. Array of Strings
IPN_PGROUP_NAME Product group name. Array of Strings
IPN_LICENSE_START Array with product subscription start dates. Date/14
IPN_SHIPPING_TAX Shipping tax expressed in the same currency as the CURRENCY field. Number
TAX_OFFICE Tax office code (IPN_CODE_TAX_OFFICE) String

Array with the category of the promotions you configured and are included in the order.

Possible values:

Array of Strings
IPN_DATE IPN notification date in the YmdHis format. (ex: 20081117145935) (ex: 20131201010024) Date/14

Calculated HMAC_MD5 signature based on the sent IPN fields and the secret key.

(Note: This parameter won't be used anymore for IPN validation as of 15th of August, 2024.)

SIGNATURE_SHA2_256 Calculated HMAC_SHA2_256 signature based on the sent IPN fields and the secret key. String/64
SIGNATURE_SHA3_256 Calculated HMAC_SHA3_256 signature based on the sent IPN fields and the secret key. String/64
IPN_PURCHASE_ORDER_INFO   Order status and details for Purchase order acquisitions. String
IPN_ORIGINAL_LINK_SOURCE[] Array of IPN_LINK_SOURCE (link source, the SRC parameter) values for the initial orders when the subscriptions were first acquired. Available for subscription renewals. String
CUSTOM_FIELDS Additional order fields (dynamic variables). In your Merchant Control Panel, navigate to Setup - Ordering options - Additional order fields. String
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