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Delete SKU codes by details

Delete SKU codes by details

Last updated: 19-Nov-2019
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Use the deleteSkuCodeByDetails method to remove an SKU based on its included details. 

When requesting to delete SKU by details, the 2Checkout system will delete all SKU defined under the specific product code or pricing configuration code. If the combination does not contain any SKU defined, the system will return an error with the result. The method supports multiple combinations of product code, pricing configuration code in one call.

Request Parameters

Parameters Required Type/Description
ProductCode Required String. The product code that you can define for each of your offerings. Needs to be unique.


Details below.



String. Unique identifier of the pricing configuration.



String. ISO currency code.



String. Purchase type identifier. Possible values:

                                                    PriceOptions Optional

stringArray.  Array of price options names.


Optional Integer. Numeric identifier of product quantity.

Request Example 

Response Parameters

Parameters Type/Description

Response Example


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