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Place a renewal order

Place a renewal order

Last updated: 09-Jun-2020
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Renew a subscription and collect recurring revenue using the 2Checkout Subscription Reference. You can renew subscriptions for both catalog and dynamic products. The only requirement is to provide a valid subscription reference.


To place a renewal order, you need to provide a valid subscription reference number.

Payment methods

You can place renewal orders using the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • WeChat Pay
  • iDEAL
  • Purchase Order
  • Wire

Use the PaymentDetails object to change the payment method used in the ordering process.


Parameters Type/Description


Required (string)


Session identifier, the output of the Login method. Include sessionID into all your requests. 2Checkout throws an exception if the values are incorrect.  The sessionID expires in 10 minutes.


Required (Object)


Object designed to collect all data necessary for an order, including billing, product/subscription plan and payment details.

To place an order with PayPal rather than PayPal Express, use PAYPAL as the type of the PaymentDetails object and send the shopper email and a return URL as part of the PaymentMethod object. See code sample. 


Required (String)

2Checkout generated subscription reference number. E.q. A8C5671BFE.


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Parameters Type/Description

Order information




require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$Order = new stdClass();
$Order->Currency = 'USD';
$Order->Language = "EN";
$Order->Country = 'US';
$Order->CustomerIP = '';
$Order->Source = "";
$Order->LocalTime = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$Order->Items = array();

$Order->Items[0]->RenewalInformation = new stdClass();
$Order->Items[0]->RenewalInformation->SubscriptionReference = 'A8C5671BFE'; //subscription used in the renewal process
$Order->Items[0]->Price = new stdClass();
$Order->Items[0]->Price->Type = 'CUSTOM';
$Order->Items[0]->Price->Amount = '10';
$Order->Items[0]->PriceOptions = array('uniqscale1=4');//

$Order->MachineId = "MachineID";

$Order->BillingDetails = new stdClass();
$Order->BillingDetails->Address1 = 'Bil1ing address';
$Order->BillingDetails->Address2 = 'Billing address 2';
$Order->BillingDetails->City = 'Billing City';
$Order->BillingDetails->State = 'Billing State';
$Order->BillingDetails->CountryCode = 'US';
$Order->BillingDetails->Phone = 1231232123;
$Order->BillingDetails->Email = '';
$Order->BillingDetails->FirstName = 'First';
$Order->BillingDetails->LastName = 'Customer';
$Order->BillingDetails->Company = 'Billing Company';
$Order->BillingDetails->Zip = '55104';

$Order->DeliveryDetails = new stdClass();
$Order->DeliveryDetails->Address1 = 'Bil1ing address';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->Address2 = 'Billing address 2';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->City = 'Billing City';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->State = 'Billing State';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->CountryCode = 'US';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->Phone = '12345';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->Email = '';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->FirstName = 'First';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->LastName = 'Customer';
$Order->DeliveryDetails->Zip = "55104";

$Order->PaymentDetails = new stdClass();
$Order->PaymentDetails->Type = "CC";
$Order->PaymentDetails->Currency = $currency;

$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod = new stdClass();
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CardNumber = "4111111111111111";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CardType = "VISA";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->ExpirationYear = "2019";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->ExpirationMonth = "12";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CCID = "123";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->HolderName = "John Doe";
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->RecurringEnabled = TRUE;
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->HolderNameTime = 1;
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CardNumberTime = 1;

try {
    $newOrder = $client->placeOrder($sessionID, $Order);
catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "newOrder: " . $e->getMessage();

var_dump("newOrder", $Order);
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