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Last updated: 05-Sep-2019
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Use the Partner object to search and retrieve partner information.


Partner Object
PartnerCode String
  Unique identifier that you need to specify when creating a partner in the Control Panel. You can find it under the General Information area when editing partner details.
CompanyName String
  The name of your partner company.
Email String
  The partner email address specified in the Contact Information area.
CommunicationLanguage String

ISO 639-1 two-letter language code set for the communication language under Contact information.

Case sensitive: 'en' instead of 'EN'.


Possible values:

  • en
  • fr
  • de
Currency String
  The ISO code of the currency set for the partner - ISO 4217. This currency governs transactions between you and the partner. You can configure it in the Commercial settings section, under Payment information.
CreditLimit double
  The credit limit set for the partner. Can be NULL when no credit is offered.
AvailableCreditLimit double
  The credit still available to the partner, after the value of orders already placed but not paid was deducted from the total credit limit configured. Can be NULL when no credit limit is defined.


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