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Detail Pending Payment

Last updated: 05-Jan-2022
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The detail_pending_payment call is used to get a detailed estimate of the current pending payment.


HTTP Method: GET

Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Data Returned

Parameter Description
amount Amount of payment
reserve_held Reserve held
total_sales Total amount of sales included in payment
total_fees Total amount of fees included in payment
total_refunds Total amount of refunds included in payment
total_chargeback_fees Total amount of chargebacks included in payment
total_adjustments Total amount of adjustments included in payment
total_commissions Total amount of commissions earned included in payment
total_outgoing_commissions Total amount of commissions paid included in payment
total_balance_forward Total amount of forwarded balance included in payment
payment_fee Amount charged for sending payment
payment_id Identifier of payment
payment_method Method of money transfer
release_level Release level

Example API calls using cURL

curl -G \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' -u 'username:password'

Example Successful Response

       "payment" : {
          "amount" : "999.99",
          "payment_fee" : "0.00",
          "payment_id" : "2436561667",
          "payment_method" : "ach",
          "release_level" : "15",
          "reserve_held" : "14.19",
          "total_adjustments" : "61.07",
          "total_balance_forward" : "0.00",
          "total_chargeback_fees" : "0.00",
          "total_commissions" : "0.21",
          "total_fees" : "86.92",
          "total_outgoing_commissions" : "4.35",
          "total_refunds" : "275.36",
          "total_reserve_released" : "0.00",
          "total_sales" : "283.86"
       "response_code" : "OK",
       "response_message" : "payment info retrieved"


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