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Last updated: 05-Sep-2019
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Reseller Object
ResellerCode String
  Unique, system generated reseller identifier. Can be NULL.
Company String
  Reseller company name. Can be NULL.
FirstName String
  Reseller first name. Can be NULL.
LastName String
  Reseller last name. Can be NULL.
Email String
  Reseller email. Can be NULL.
Phone String
  Reseller phone. Can be NULL.
Fax String
  Reseller fax. Can be NULL.
Country String
  Reseller country ISO language code (ISO 639-1 two-letter code). Can be NULL.
State String
  Reseller state. For example, "Alabama","Alaska","Arizona". Can be NULL.
City String
  Reseller city. Can be NULL.
Address String
  Reseller address. Can be NULL.
PostalCode String
  Reseller ZIP code. Can be NULL.
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