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Search Orders

Last updated: 23-Aug-2021
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Use the searchOrders method via SOAP API 6.0 to retrieve multiple orders depending on the filter parameters. 

Request Parameters

Parameter name Type Required/Optional Description
sessionID String Required Session identifier, the output of the Login method. Include sessionID into all your requests. 2Checkout throws an exception if the values are incorrect.  The sessionID expires in 10 minutes.
orderSearchOptions Object Optional Use this object to configure your search order options.

Request Example


require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$orderSearchOptions = new stdClass();
$orderSearchOptions->StartDate = “2020-01-23”;
$orderSearchOptions->PartnerOrders = true;
$orderSearchOptions->Pagination = new stdClass();$orderSearchOptions->Pagination->Page = 2;
$orderSearchOptions->Pagination->Limit = 25;

try {
    $orders = $client->searchOrders($sessionID, $orderSearchOptions);
catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "orders: " . $e->getMessage();

var_dump("orders", $orders);


A successful searchOrders call via SOAP API 6.0 returns:

Parameter name Type Description
Items Array of Objects An array of Order Information objects, with catalog products or with dynamic products.
Pagination Object Pagination object with the following parameters: Page, Limit, Count.


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