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Retrieve product information by code

Retrieve product information by code

Last updated: 04-May-2017
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Extract information about a product from the Avangate system using its unique ID and the code of the pricing list to which it is assigned to.



Parameter Type/Description
sessionID Required (string)
  Session identifier, which is the output of the Login method. An exception will be thrown if the values are incorrect.
productCode Required (string)
  The unique product identifier from your system.
pricingListCode Required (string)
  The unique identifier of the pricing list.


Parameter Type/Description
ProductInfo Complet object
  Complex object containing arrays of SimpleProduct and PriceOptions objects.



require('PATH_TO_AUTH'); // Authentication example:
require('PATH_TO_setPartner'); // setPartner example:

$productCode = 'YOUR_PRODUCT_CODE';
$pricingListCode = 'YOUR_PRICING_LIST_CODE';

try {
    $ProductbyCODE= $client->getProductByCode ($sessionID, $productCode, $pricingListCode);
} catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "ProductInfo: " . $e->getMessage();
var_dump ("ProductInfo", $ProductbyCODE);


Error Description


No partner is set.


Provide a valid product ID.


Provide a valid pricing list code.


There are no pricing lists with the provided code.


There is no product with this ID in the given pricing list.


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