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Use Trustly

Last updated: 24-Aug-2021
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Place an order for catalog products defined in your Merchant Control Panel and collect the payment using Trustly via SOAP API 6.0.

Request parameters

Parameter name Type Required/Optional Description
sessionID String Required Session identifier, the output of the Login method. Include sessionID into all your requests. 2Checkout throws an exception if the values are incorrect. The sessionID expires in 10 minutes.
Order Object Required

Object designed to collect all data necessary for an order, including billing, product/subscription plan, and payment details. To place an order with Trustly, use TRUSTLY as the type of the PaymentDetails object and provide a ReturnURL and a CancelURL as part of the PaymentMethod object. See code sample.

Request example


    require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

    $Order = new stdClass();
    $Order->RefNo = NULL;
    $Order->Currency = 'EUR';
    $Order->Country = 'SE';
    $Order->Language = 'en';
    $Order->CustomerIP = '';
    $Order->ExternalReference = NULL;
    $Order->Source = NULL;
    $Order->AffiliateId = NULL;
    $Order->CustomerReference = NULL;
    $Order->Items = array();
    $Order->Items[0] = new stdClass();
    $Order->Items[0]->Code = 'my_subscription_1';
    $Order->Items[0]->Quantity = 1;
    $Order->Items[0]->PriceOptions = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->SKU = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->Price = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->CrossSell = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->Trial = false;
    $Order->Items[0]->AdditionalFields = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->Promotion = NULL;
    $Order->Items[0]->SubscriptionStartDate = NULL; //If empty or null, subscriptions become active when purchase is made.

    $Order->BillingDetails = new stdClass();
    $Order->BillingDetails->FirstName = 'John';
    $Order->BillingDetails->LastName = 'Doe';
    $Order->BillingDetails->CountryCode = 'SE';
    $Order->BillingDetails->State = 'Beijing';
    $Order->BillingDetails->City = 'Beijing';
    $Order->BillingDetails->Address1 = 'Address example';
    $Order->BillingDetails->Address2 = NULL;
    $Order->BillingDetails->Zip = '90210';
    $Order->BillingDetails->Email = '';
    $Order->BillingDetails->Phone = NULL;
    $Order->BillingDetails->Company = NULL;
    $Order->DeliveryDetails = NULL;

    $Order->PaymentDetails = new stdClass ();
    $Order->PaymentDetails->Type = 'TRUSTLY';
    $Order->PaymentDetails->Currency = 'EUR';
    $Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod = new stdClass ();
    $Order->PaymentDetails->CustomerIP = '';
    $Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->ReturnURL = '';
    $Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CancelURL= '';

    $Order->Promotions = NULL;
    $Order->AdditionalFields = NULL;
    $Order->LocalTime = NULL;
    $Order->GiftDetails = NULL;

    try {
       $newOrder = $client->placeOrder($sessionID, $Order);
    catch (SoapFault $e) {
        echo "newOrder: " . $e->getMessage();

    $trustlyredirect = $newOrder->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->Authorize->Href."/?avng8apitoken=".$newOrder->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->Authorize->Params->avng8apitoken;

    header('Location:' . $trustlyredirect);

Response parameters

Parameter name Type Description
Order Object Object containing order information.




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