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Place an order with WeChat Pay

Place an order with WeChat Pay

Last updated: 14-Dec-2023
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Use the placeOrder method to create an order and collect the payment from WeChat.


WeChat Pay is available only for orders with a minimum value of 0.01 USD, placed by shoppers in China or Hong Kong and using one of the supported currencies. You are required to include the following text when using Avangate API and to make it visible for your customers in the ordering interface. 

Order processed by Avangate, authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store. 

Supported currencies

  • CNY
  • USD
  • HKD


  1. Shoppers select WeChat as payment option in the interface you provide to them.
  2. Create the order object. Use WE_CHAT_PAY as the type of the PaymentDetails object, and include ReturnURL and CancelURL.
  3. Use the placeOrder method to send the data to Avangate.
  4. Once you place the order, Avangate logs it into the system. At this point in time, the status of the order is PENDING.
  5. Avangate returns an Order object as the output of the placeOrder method. 
  6. Use the PaymentMethod object to create a redirect URL for the shoppers, concatenating the values of the Href and avng8apitoken parameters. Here's an example of the redirect URL:
  7. After being redirected to WeChat Pay, shoppers need to scan the QR code provided, using the WeChat smartphone app.
  8. After customers enter their payment password, WeChat notifies Avangate if the payment is approved, and the status of the order becomes COMPLETE.
  9. Shoppers are redirected to the RedirectURL from the Order information object. In case the payment fails, shoppers are redirected to the CancelURL.


Parameters Type/Description


Required (string)


Session identifier, the output of the Login method. Include sessionID into all your requests. Avangate throws an exception if the values are incorrect.  The sessionID expires in 10 minutes.


Required (Object)


Object designed to collect all data necessary for an order, including billing, product/subscription plan and payment details.

To place an order with WeChat, use WE_CHAT_PAY as the type of the PaymentDetails object and provide a ReturnURL and a CancelURL as part of the PaymentMethod object. See code sample. 


Order information




// authentication script:

require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$Order = new stdClass();
$Order->RefNo = NULL;
$Order->Currency = 'cny';
$Order->Country = 'cn';
$Order->Language = 'en';
$Order->CustomerIP = '';
$Order->ExternalReference = NULL;
$Order->Source = NULL;
$Order->Affiliate = new stdClass();
$Order->Affiliate->AffiliateCode = 'Partner123'
$Order->Affiliate->AffiliateSource = 'MobilePlatform'
$Order->CustomerReference = NULL;
$Order->Items = array();
$Order->Items[0] = new stdClass();
$Order->Items[0]->Code = 'my_subscription_1';
$Order->Items[0]->Quantity = 1;
$Order->Items[0]->PriceOptions = NULL;
$Order->Items[0]->SKU = NULL;
$Order->Items[0]->Price = NULL;
$Order->Items[0]->CrossSell = NULL;
$Order->Items[0]->Trial = false;
$Order->Items[0]->AdditionalFields = NULL;
$Order->BillingDetails = new stdClass();
$Order->BillingDetails->FirstName = 'FirstName';
$Order->BillingDetails->LastName = 'LastName';
$Order->BillingDetails->CountryCode = 'CN';
$Order->BillingDetails->State = 'State Example';
$Order->BillingDetails->City = 'City Example';
$Order->BillingDetails->Address1 = 'Address example';
$Order->BillingDetails->Address2 = NULL;
$Order->BillingDetails->Zip = '12345';
$Order->BillingDetails->Email = '';
$Order->BillingDetails->Phone = NULL;
$Order->BillingDetails->Company = NULL;
$Order->PaymentDetails = new stdClass ();
$Order->PaymentDetails->Type = 'WE_CHAT_PAY';
$Order->PaymentDetails->Currency = 'cny';
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod = new stdClass ();
$Order->PaymentDetails->CustomerIP = '';
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->ReturnURL = 'YOUR_RETURN_URL';
$Order->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->CancelURL= 'YOUR_CANCEL_URL';

try {
   $newOrder = $client->placeOrder($sessionID, $Order);
catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "newOrder: " . $e->getMessage();

$wechatredirect = $newOrder->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->Authorize->Href."/?avng8apitoken=".$newOrder->PaymentDetails->PaymentMethod->Authorize->Params->avng8apitoken;

header('Location:' . $wechatredirect);
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