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Detail Company Info

Last updated: 05-Jan-2022
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The detail_company_info call is used to retrieve your account’s company information details from the Site Management page.


HTTP Method: GET

Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Data Returned

Parameter Description
vendor_id Merchant ID (2Checkout Account Number) of user.
vendor_name Company Name that is listed in our purchase routine.
site_title Title that is displayed for you in our product listings.
site_description A brief description of your business and the products or services that you feature.
soft_descriptor Description that is listed on the customer’s statement to help identify the charges.
site_category Category that your site is listed in.
return_url URL for your customers to be sent to on a successful purchase.
pending_return_url URL for your customers to be sent to when a purchase cannot be verified immediately.
affiliate_url Third party affiliate URL provided by your affiliate program.
return_method Direct return setting. (0 = Given links back to my website, 1 = Immediately returned to my website, Header Redirect)
secret_word Secret word used to calculate the MD5 hash.
currency_symbol Currency Symbol of the currency your account is priced in.
currency_code Currency code of the currency your account is priced in.
currency_name Currency name of the currency your account is priced in.
url URL registered to your account.
demo Account demo setting. (Y = On, N = Off, P = Parameter)

Example API call using cURL

curl -G \
    -u 'username:password' -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example Successful Response

      "response_code" : "OK",
      "response_message" : "company info retrieved",
      "vendor_company_info" : {
        "affiliate_url" : "",
        "currency_code" : "USD",
        "currency_name" : "US Dollars",
        "currency_symbol" : "$",
        "demo" : "P",
        "pending_return_url" : "",
        "return_method" : "1",
        "return_url" : "",
        "secret_word" : "wh1sky",
        "site_category" : "Electronics",
        "site_description" : "Fake company for testing!",
        "site_title" : "Fake Company",
        "soft_descriptor" : "Test",
        "url" : "",
        "vendor_id" : "1234567",
        "vendor_name" : "Fake Company"
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