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Create price option groups

Last updated: 01-Oct-2019
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Use the addPriceOptionGroup method to create price option groups for your subscription plans/products.

  • Send options for each pricing group or 2Checkout throws an exception.
  • When adding an interval with no min/max values or overlapping values, 2Checkout throws an exception. 



Required (string)


Session identifier, the output of the Login method. Include sessionID into all your requests. 2Checkout throws an exception if the values are incorrect.  The sessionID expires in 10 minutes.


Required (object)


Use this object to create a new price option group for your account.





$host   = "";
$client = new SoapClient($host . "/soap/4.0/?wsdl", array(
    'location' => $host . "/soap/4.0/",
    "stream_context" => stream_context_create(array(
        'ssl' => array(
            'verify_peer' => false,
            'verify_peer_name' => false

function hmac($key, $data)
    $b = 64; // byte length for md5
    if (strlen($key) > $b) {
        $key = pack("H*", md5($key));
    $key    = str_pad($key, $b, chr(0x00));
    $ipad   = str_pad('', $b, chr(0x36));
    $opad   = str_pad('', $b, chr(0x5c));
    $k_ipad = $key ^ $ipad;
    $k_opad = $key ^ $opad;
    return md5($k_opad . pack("H*", md5($k_ipad . $data)));

$merchantCode = "YOURCODE123"; //your account's merchant code available in the 'System settings' area of the cPanel:
$key          = "SECRET_KEY"; //your account's secret key available in the 'System settings' area of the cPanel:
$now          = gmdate('Y-m-d H:i:s'); //date_default_timezone_set('UTC')

$string = strlen($merchantCode) . $merchantCode . strlen($now) . $now;
$hash   = hmac($key, $string);

try {
    $sessionID = $client->login($merchantCode, $now, $hash);

catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "Authentication: " . $e->getMessage();

$PriceOptionGroup = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Name = 'New Multi Users';
$PriceOptionGroup->Description = 'Quos aut ipsam ipsum omnis aut molestiae. Et quod molestias distinctio. Fugiat sit asperiores reprehenderit officia eaque quae quia. Aperiam quia quia illo eos nesciunt accusamus.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[0]->Name = 'xdrki7ljix';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[0]->Description = 'Beatae doloribus ipsam voluptatem et. Iure dignissimos non amet. Quibusdam fugiat dolor repudiandae temporibus harum.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[0]->Language = 'en';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[1]->Name = '37wr8ie2dj';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[1]->Description = 'Esse distinctio voluptatibus omnis et et quia dolor. Quibusdam dicta dolores odio consequatur velit voluptate. Laboriosam reiciendis libero vel quae molestiae ad.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Translations[1]->Language = 'ru';
$PriceOptionGroup->Type = 'RADIO';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Name = 'SingleUser';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Description = 'Nisi ea autem a labore similique. Minus natus cumque nemo. Aut aliquam laboriosam dolorem ad.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[0]->Name = '0q2r3kcj0q';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[0]->Description = 'Voluptatem in vitae rerum ea tempore. Non cumque ullam optio quis. Laborum maxime sunt facere. Dolor fugit a fugiat quasi facere totam.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[0]->Language = 'en';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[1]->Name = 'dwfxuw4lrn';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[1]->Description = 'Debitis omnis maiores quia praesentium totam error corrupti. Consectetur eum magnam quam vero. Sit aperiam natus perspiciatis iusto sint ut fugit. Adipisci illum non voluptatem voluptas.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Translations[1]->Language = 'it';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Code = 'singleuser1';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->SubscriptionImpact = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->SubscriptionImpact->Impact = 'Add';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->SubscriptionImpact->Months = 1;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Method = 'FIXED';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0]->Currency = 'USD';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0]->Amount = 90.61;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1]->Currency = 'EUR';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1]->Amount = 6.70;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->ImpactOn = 'BASE';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Impact = 'ADD';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->PriceImpact->Percent = 39;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[0]->Default = false;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Name = 'MultiUser';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Description = 'Vero voluptatum fuga et repellendus sed qui. Dolores molestiae error non ad aperiam. In error quos eum quas repudiandae pariatur et suscipit.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[0]->Name = 'MultiUser';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[0]->Description = 'Debitis et saepe facere blanditiis. Tempore et nemo aut ullam possimus ipsum nisi. Ad libero et consequuntur aliquam libero. Rerum aut illum eveniet earum.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[0]->Language = 'en';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[1]->Name = 'dw5zgkcki9';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[1]->Description = 'Vel et excepturi veniam. In iusto eveniet pariatur hic labore. Et qui dolorem accusantium molestias iusto.';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Translations[1]->Language = 'pt';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Code = 'multiuser999';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->SubscriptionImpact = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->SubscriptionImpact->Impact = 'ADD';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->SubscriptionImpact->Months = 2;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Method = 'FIXED';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts = array();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0]->Currency = 'USD';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[0]->Amount = 65.03;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1] = new stdClass();
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1]->Currency = 'EUR';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Amounts[1]->Amount = 64.58;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->ImpactOn = 'BASE';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Impact = 'ADD';
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->PriceImpact->Percent = 51;
$PriceOptionGroup->Options[1]->Default = true;
$PriceOptionGroup->Code = null;
$PriceOptionGroup->Required = false;
try {
    $NewPriceOptionGroup = $client->addPriceOptionGroup($sessionID, $PriceOptionGroup);

catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "NewPriceOptionGroup: " . $e->getMessage();

var_dump("NewPriceOptionGroup", $NewPriceOptionGroup);



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