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Mobile SDKs

Last updated: 18-May-2023
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Verifone's Mobile SDKs enable you to encrypt and validate card payments, handle 3D Secure verification, and interact with PayPal. Mobile SDKs also provide an optional customizable UI that can display available payment methods and collect card data. For more information on our technical integration, code snippets and examples, check our public iOS SDKAndroid SDK GitHub README pages.

Mobile SDKs can be used to facilitate: 

  • Card payments (with 3DS support and customization) 

  • PayPal 


Mobile SDKs are available to all users with a 2Checkout account and a card payment setup.  

Your application or system should have the following requirements or higher to apply the SDKs: 

  • iOS 12 

  • Android 8.0+ 


As a merchant, mobile SDKs allow you to: 

  • Safely tokenize card data 

  • Enhance UI customization 

  • Integrate PayPal 

  • Simplify payment acceptance across different sales channels 

Payment methods 

This screen allows the customers to select their preferred payment method. The payment method selection UI component can be customized to display only the methods that your system and business support. This component is optional and you are free to create your own UI. 

2C) Mobile SDK Payment Methods

Card Payments 

The SDKs provide support for collecting and tokenizing card data. We recommend building your own Thank you page to process the result of the transaction as in the example below. 

Card Payments Mobile SDKs

Customizing card forms 

The mobile SDKs' customizable UI enables you to edit the font and color of the card form fields. 

Card Form Customization


  1. Card form view background color 

  2. Background color for any text fields in a card form 

  3. Text color for any text fields in a card form 

  4. Text color for any labels in a card form 

  5. Pay button background color 

  6. Pay button background color for disabled state 

  7. Pay button text color 

  8. Card form title color 


The SDKs provide a native 3DS experience using a Cardinal native SDK which comes bundled into our own SDKs. 

3D Secure


For PayPal, we use a webview to display the customer PayPal confirmation details and provide the necessary information to finalize the payment. 

Mobile SDK PayPal  

   Check out our public iOS SDKAndroid SDK GitHub README pages for code snippets and examples.
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