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LCN triggers

Last updated: 23-Aug-2022
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Set LCN triggers and contents 

In your Control Panel account, navigate to Dashboard → Integrations → Webhooks and API and click on the LCN Settings tab. In the General LCN Settings section, under Triggers, select the events for which 2Checkout sends notifications.

License Change Notification (LCN) provides automatic notifications for orders from the 2Checkout system, based on the below list of triggers you control.

LCN triggers - Control Panel actions

Triggers Subscription status Actions that trigger LCN




















Licenses changes





ACTIVE & auto-renewal


  • updating Subscription info to change expiration date and recurring enabled/disabled
  • updating End User details
  • updating Subscription details: canceling/reactivating the subscription




ACTIVE & non-recurring


  • updating Subscription details: cancel subscription
  • updating End User details




ACTIVE & manual payment


  • updating Subscription details to cancel/reactivate subscription
  • updating End User details



DISABLED & non-recurring


  • updating Subscription details to reactivate/cancel the subscription
  • updating End user details



PENDING ACTIVATION & auto-recurring


  • updating Subscription details to reactivate/cancel the subscription
  • updating Subscription info to disable automatic billing
  • updating End User details







Licenses expirations (including past due notifications)





EXPIRED or PAST DUE & auto-recurring


  • updating Subscription details to cancel subscription
  • updating Subscription info to extend billing cycle expiration
  • updating Subscription info to stop automatic billing cycle
  • updating End User details





EXPIRED/PAST DUE  & manual payment


  • updating Subscription details: cancel/reactivate subscription
  • updating Subscription info: extend billing cycle expiration
  • updating Subscription info to stop automatic billing cycle
  • updating End User details


Licenses credit card changes


ACTIVE & auto-renewal subscription

  • when updating Subscription info to change credit card details


Churn prevention campaign/

Autorenewal enrollment accepted



  • accepting a discount proposed through a churn prevention campaign
  • accepting a discount for enabling autorenewal

*For both situations, the LCN will contain the updated renewal price.

Licenses changed via import ACTIVE


  • importing a subscription from CSV

LCN triggers - API calls

Triggers API calls that trigger LCN API calls that do not trigger LCN






License changes

  • convertTrial
  • enableSubscription
  • disableSubscription
  • setSubscriptionGracePeriod
  • enableRecurringBilling
  • disableRecurringBilling
  • renewSubscription
  • setSubscriptionUpgrade
  • extendSubscription
  • updateSubscriptionEndUser
  • copyPaymentInfo (on APIv6)
  • setSubscriptionCustomer
  • setCustomRenewalPrice
  • externalCustomerRef


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