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Shipping method

Last updated: 25-Sep-2019
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The object below is returned directly or within a successful response from the following API requests:

Search shipping method

Shipping method object

Parameters   Type/Description
Items   Array of objects
      Contains shipping methods objects.

Shipping method object.

Details below.

          Name String
      Shipping method name that you define when creating the method.
          Code String
      System-generated identified for the shipping method.
          TrackingURL String
      URL assigned to the shipping method. Provided to your customers that purchase physical products.
          BasePrice String
      Base fee attached to the shipping method, that will be charged to customers when shipping method is available in cart, regardless of their country, product value or weight.
          Currency String
      Currency in which the base fee is expressed. Example: 'USD'.
           Active Boolean

Possible values:

  • TRUE - if shipping method is active.
  • FALSE - if shipping method is inactive.
    Availability Strings

Defined where the shipping method is active.

Possible values:

  • ALL - all delivery countries.
  • CUSTOM - selected delivery countries.
  • HOME - only your home country.
    Countries Array of objects
      Countries where the shipping method applies.
                  CountryCode String
                  Two-letters country code.
                  Surcharge String
      Surcharge defined for each country.
    Surcharge Array of objects
      Additional fee assigned to the shipping method.
                 Type String

Order property based on which the surcharge is added.

Possible values:

  • PRICE -  surcharge is based on total order amount.
  • WEIGHT -  surcharged is based on total order weight.
                 From Float
                  Lower interval limit.
                 To Int
      Higher interval limit.
                  Amount Int
      Surcharge defined based on order price/weight.
                 ApplyTo String

Possible values:

  • interval - surcharge is added for a given interval. Example: from 1 kg to 4kg.
  • unit - surcharge is added for each additional unit. Example: $5 for each unit over 4 kg.
  Pagination Object
      Pagination filters.
    Page Int
      Number of pages used for displaying the results.
    Limit Int
      Number for limiting the results.
    Count Int
      Total number of results.


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