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Recurring restarted

Last updated: 05-Jan-2022
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After being stopped, recurring orders can be restarted by 2Checkout staff for a variety of reasons, the most common being per buyer request. In this most common case, a customer calls 2Checkout and requests to restart billing on a recurring order.

Recurring Restarted is an item-level message; it will be sent once for each recurring item restarted and will only contain information about that item.

Message Parameters

Parameter Type Description
message_description Text Human readable description of message_type
timestamp Timestamp Timestamp of event; format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS ZZZ
md5_hash Upper Case Text UPPERCASE(MD5_ENCRYPTED(sale_id + vendor_id + invoice_id + Secret Word)); Can be used to validate authenticity of message
message_id Numeric This number is incremented for each message sent to a given seller.
key_count Numeric Indicates the number of parameters sent in message
vendor_id Numeric Seller account number
sale_id Numeric 2Checkout sale number
sale_date_placed Date Date of sale; format YYYY-MM-DD
vendor_order_id Text Custom order id provided by seller, if available. (“merchant_order_id” can be passed into the checkout with the sale parameters)
invoice_id Numeric 2Checkout invoice number; Each sale can have several invoices, most commonly one per installment billed on a recurring order.
recurring Numeric recurring=1 if any item on the invoice is a recurring item, 0 otherwise
payment_type Lower Case Text Buyer’s payment method (credit card, online check, paypal ec, OR paypal pay later)
list_currency Upper Case Text 3-Letter ISO code for seller currency
cust_currency Upper Case Text 3-Letter ISO code for buyer currency
customer_first_name Text Buyer’s first name (may not be available on older sales)
customer_last_name Text Buyer’s last name (may not be available on older sales)
customer_name Text Buyer’s full name (name as it appears on credit card)
customer_email Text Buyer’s email address
customer_phone Numeric Buyer’s phone number; all but digits stripped out
customer_ip Text Buyer’s IP address at time of sale
customer_ip_country Text Country of record for buyer’s IP address at time of sale; Please note in some cases what is returned is not a country, Ex. Satellite Provider
bill_street_address Text Billing street address
bill_street_address2 Text Billing street address line 2
bill_city Text Billing address city
bill_state Text Billing address state or province
bill_postal_code Text Billing address postal code
bill_country Text 3-Letter ISO country code of billing address
ship_status Lower Case Text Value will be not_shipped, shipped, or empty (if intangible / does not need shipped)
ship_tracking_number Text Tracking Number as entered in Seller Admin
ship_name Text Shipping Recipient’s name (as it should appears on shipping label)
ship_street_address Text Shipping street address
ship_street_address2 Text Shipping street address line 2
ship_city Text Shipping address city
ship_state Text Shipping address state or province
ship_postal_code Text Shipping address postal code
ship_country Upper Case Text 3-Letter ISO country code of shipping address
item_count Numeric Indicates how many numbered sets of item parameters to expect
item_name_# Text Product name
item_id_# Text Seller product id
item_list_amount_# Numeric Total in seller pricing currency; format as appropriate to currency (2 decimal places for most, integer for JPY)
item_usd_amount_# Numeric Total in US Dollars; format with 2 decimal places
item_cust_amount_# Numeric Total in buyer currency; format as appropriate to currency (2 decimal places for most, integer for JPY)
item_type_# Lower Case Text Indicates if item is a bill or refund; Value will be bill or refund
item_duration_# Text Product duration, how long it re-bills for Ex. 1 Year
item_recurrence_# Text Product recurrence, how often it re-bills Ex. 1 Month
item_rec_list_amount_# Numeric Product price; format as appropriate to currency (2 decimal places for most, integer for JPY)
item_rec_status_# Lower Case Text Indicates status of recurring subscription: live, canceled, or completed
item_rec_date_next_# Date Date of next recurring installment; format YYYY-MM-DD
item_rec_install_billed_# Numeric The number of successful recurring installments successfully billed

Example message

        message_type => RECURRING_RESTARTED
        message_description => Recurring order restarted
        timestamp => 2012-09-22 08:27:45
        message_id => 4666
        vendor_id => 532001
        vendor_order_id => 
        invoice_id => 4805798416
        recurring => 1
        list_currency => USD
        cust_currency => USD
        payment_type => paypal ec
        sale_id => 4783469055
        sale_date_placed => 2012-08-15 06:12:33
        customer_ip =>
        customer_ip_country => Unknown
        customer_first_name => Testing
        customer_last_name => Tester
        customer_name => Testing  Tester
        customer_email =>
        customer_phone => 6149212450
        ship_status => 
        ship_tracking_number => 
        ship_name => 
        ship_street_address => 
        ship_street_address2 => 
        ship_city => 
        ship_state => 
        ship_postal_code => 
        ship_country => 
        bill_street_address => ​855 Grandview Avenue
        bill_street_address2 => Suite 11
        bill_city => Columbus
        bill_state => OH
        bill_postal_code => 43215
        bill_country => USA
        item_count => 1
        item_name_1 => test product
        item_id_1 => ebook1
        item_list_amount_1 => 0.10
        item_usd_amount_1 => 0.10
        item_cust_amount_1 => 0.10
        item_type_1 => bill
        item_duration_1 => 
        item_recurrence_1 => 1 Week
        item_rec_list_amount_1 => 0.10
        item_rec_status_1 => live
        item_rec_date_next_1 => 2012-09-19
        item_rec_install_billed_1 => 5
        md5_hash => C12DFC68837CCB63992E6DB1A3F9C9B5
        key_count => 50


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