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Last updated: 19-May-2021
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Use the issueRefund method to issue a partial refund for an order processed by 2Checkout.


The payment for the refundable order needs to be collected.

You cannot issue a refund for an amount higher than the total order amount.

We recommend you create a new order with placeOrder to have one that can be refunded.

The order’s status must be ’COMPLETE’ and it should have a TotalPrice > 0.

The OrderDate cannot be older than a year from the current date.

To obtain the LineItemReference, use the getOrder method:


require ('PATH_TO_AUTH'); // authentication call

$orderReference = "11686290";

$items = [];
$item = new stdClass();
$item->Quantity = 1;
$item->LineItemReference = "f1ca85810f935115ef8dacd6aae4b1759f4f03c1";
$item->Amount = 0.1;

$items[] = $item;

$amount = '20';
$comment = "This is a comment";
$reason = "No reason";

$jsonRpcRequest          = new stdClass();
$jsonRpcRequest->jsonrpc = '2.0';
$jsonRpcRequest->method  = 'issueRefund';
$jsonRpcRequest->params  = array($sessionID, $orderReference, $amount, $items, $comment, $reason);
$jsonRpcRequest->id      = $i++;

$partialRefund = callRPC($jsonRpcRequest, $host);
var_dump ($partialRefund);


Response Type/Description

TRUE is the refund was processed successfully

FALSE otherwise

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