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Manage leads

Last updated: 28-Nov-2019
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Use the markLeads method to mark a lead as used and/or stop follow-ups.

Request Parameters

Parameters Required Type/Description
LeadCode Required String. Unique system-generated identifier.
Used Required

Boolean. With possible values:



StopFollowups Required

Boolean. With possible values:



Request Example


require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$markLead = [
    'LeadCode' => '60E6C4B574',
    'StopFollowups' => false,
    'Used' => true

$jsonRpcRequest = array (
    'method' => 'markLeads',
    'params' => array($sessionID, [$markLead]),
    'id' => $i++,
    'jsonrpc' => '2.0'

var_dump (callRPC((Object)$jsonRpcRequest, $host, true));

Response Parameters

Response Example

class stdClass#18 (2) {
  public $Response =>
  string(37) "1 leads have been marked successfully"
  public $Errors =>
  array(0) {
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