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Last updated: 15-Oct-2019
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Use the addPromotion method to create a new promotion.


Parameter Type/Description
sessionID Required (string)
  Output of the Login method.
Promotion Required (object)
  Promotion object that you want to create.


Parameters Type/Description


Contains promotion configuration.



require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$promotionObject = new stdClass;
$promotionObject->Name = 'YOUR_PROMOTION_TITLE';
$promotionObject->Description = 'YOUR_PROMOTION_DESCRIPTION';
$promotionObject->StartDate = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('1 month ago'));
$promotionObject->EndDate = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('+1 month'));
$promotionObject->Type = 'REGULAR';
$promotionObject->Enabled = 1;
$promotionObject->MaximumOrdersNumber = 0;
$promotionObject->MaximumQuantity = 0;
$promotionObject->InstantDiscount = false;
$promotionObject->ChannelType = 'ECOMMERCE';
$promotionObject->ApplyRecurring = 'NONE';
$promotionObject->RecurringChargesNumber = 3;
$promotionObject->PublishToAffiliatesNetwork = 0;
$promotionObject->InstantDiscount = 0;

$couponObject = new stdClass;
$couponObject->Type = 'SINGLE';
$couponObject->Code = 'single_code';
$promotionObject->Coupon = $couponObject;

$discountObj = new stdClass;
$discountObj->Type = 'PERCENT';
$discountObj->Value = 30;
$promotionObject->Discount = $discountObj;
$promotionObject->Products = [$productsObj1, $productsObj2, $productsObj3];
//$promotionObject->Translations = [$translation1, $translation2];

try {
    $newPromotion = $client->addPromotion($sessionID, $promotionObject);

catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "NewPromotion: " . $e->getMessage();

var_dump("Promotion", $newPromotion);


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