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Use this API to authorize a payment that you can capture later. For example, you might have a delayed shipment for which you do not want to collect funds right away.

An authorization places a hold on the funds and is valid for 29 days. After a successful authorization, PayPal recommends that you capture the funds within the three-day honor period. You can capture less than or the full original authorized amount. You can also capture up to 115% of or $75 USD more than the original authorized amount, whichever is less.


  • This step is required only if the transaction was created with the intent of AUTHORIZE.
  • The buyer must first approve the transaction to authorize successfully.

Note: Valid JWT Token is required to make the API call.

Required fields

There are no required fields for the Authorize API

Optional fields

  • agreementId - Billing Agreement id. Used only for reference transaction.


To Authorize, you need to make a make a POST request to /transactions/{id}/authorize with empty body.

POST /transactions/:id/authorize


The response for authorize transaction payment will look like this:

  "id": "317a86c7-0fbe-43eb-aac3-dc24cb699e7c",
  "authorizationId": "DYA5B8XDVJZ12",
  "status": "AUTHORISED",
  "createdAt": "2020-07-10T21:20:49Z",
  "expiresAt": "2020-07-11T21:20:49Z",
  "payer": {
    "payerId": "QYR5Z8XDVJNXQ",
    "shippingAddress": {
      "addressLine1": "2211 N First Street",
      "addressLine2": "Building 17",
      "postalCode": "95131",
      "country": "US",
      "city": "CA"
  • id - The transaction id
  • authorizationId - The authorization id from PayPal
  • status - The current status of the transaction
  • createdAt - The date and time when the transaction authorization was created
  • expiresAt - The date and time when the transaction authorization will expire
  • payer - The customer object having the payerId of customer from PayPal and the shipping address of the customer. The shipping address if not passed in the create transaction would be taken from the customer PayPal account.

The transaction status would be AUTHORIZED after this step.


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