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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024


Commerce Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service ecommerce solution provided by Salseforce, one of the leading CRM solutions. 

Given that Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based solution, this frees up business from implementing a technical roadmap for managing scaling, upgrades or integrations with other services. 

The Verifone Link Cartridge facilitates the integration between a Commerce Cloud Storefront and the Verifone eCommerce platform, by using the Hosted Checkout. 


Prior to installation, the following prerequisites must be met by the merchant:

  • Either a Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) 6.0 or Site Genesis website.

Prerequisites for manual installation:

  • Nodejs version 10.20.1 for compiling frontend code as well as running the testing automation.
  • A way to upload the code to the SFCC instance WebDAV (Example: VS code with Prophet Debugger or Eclipse with UXStudio extension).
Prerequisites related to using Verifone Hosted cart in conjunction with the Salesforce Commercial Cloud cartridge:
  • The user that will be utilized in the plugin configuration needs a Merchant Supervisor role assigned (in order to check the roles assigned to your user, log in to Verifone Central using the URL you received in your welcome emails and go to Administration → Users)
  • You will need to generate a Secure Card Capture key on the organization your user is associated to, in Verifone Central.

Note: To start accepting eCommerce transactions, you need to generate a Secure Card Capture Key.

To use the Verifone Hosted Checkout with Salesforce, you will need to install Verifone Hosted Cart and configure the Verifone settings.


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