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WooCommerce Webhooks

Last updated: 10-Mar-2023

Why are webhooks important and where can the merchant read more on this?  

  • Ensure that Orders are updated even if the customer abandons the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) 
  • Sync Orders with Verifone Central so that any modification done on Verifone is reflected in WooCommerce as well (e.g., refunds performed on Verifone Central)
  • More on webhooks can be found here.

To set up webhooks for the cart events, follow these steps:

1. Go to WooCommerce Settings and click on the Payments tab.

2. Copy the URL below from the Payments tab.

woocommerce add webhook new

3. Paste the URL into your Verifone Central account, under Notifications.

4. Fill out all the fields to create your notification (webhook) and click Save to update your settings.

woocommerce add webhook new 1

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