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Online payments

Reason codes for API transactions

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024

The following table describes the reason codes for failed, declined, and successful transactions using Verifone APIs:

Reason code Description Outcome
0000 Approved SUCCESS
0001 Honour with identification PARTIAL
0002 Approved for partial amount PARTIAL
0003 Approved (VIP) SUCCESS
0004 Approved, update track 3 SUCCESS
0005 Approved, account type specified by card issuer SUCCESS
0006 Approved for partial amount, account type specified by card issuer PARTIAL
0008 Approved but fees disputed PARTIAL
0009 Approved with overdraft SUCCESS
0010 Approved, customer reactivated SUCCESS
0011 Approved, terminal unable to process online SUCCESS
0012 Approved, transaction processed offline by terminal SUCCESS
0013 Approved, transaction processed offline after referral SUCCESS

Declined, no reason given

*Note: Deprecated code


Declined, additional customer identification required

*Note: Deprecated code


Advice accepted, no financial liability accepted

*Note: Deprecated code

0802 Approved, but AVS or CVV mismatch SUCCESS
0803 Approved as paper cheque. Keep cheque for deposit SUCCESS
1000 Do not honour FAILED
1001 Expired card FAILED
1002 Suspected fraud FAILED
1003 Card acceptor contact acquirer. Phone for authorisation FAILED
1004 Restricted card FAILED
1005 Card acceptor call acquirer's security department FAILED
1006 Allowable PIN tries exceeded FAILED
1007 Refer to card issuer FAILED
1008 Refer to card issuer's special conditions FAILED
1009 Invalid card acceptor, Merchant FAILED
1010 Invalid amount FAILED
1011 Invalid card number FAILED
1012 PIN data required FAILED
1013 Unacceptable fee or commission FAILED
1014 No account of type requested. Account Type Error FAILED
1015 Requested function not supported FAILED
1016 Not sufficient funds FAILED
1017 Incorrect PIN FAILED
1018 No card record FAILED
1019 Transaction not permitted to cardholder FAILED
1020 Transaction not permitted to terminal FAILED
1021 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit FAILED
1022 Security violation FAILED
1023 Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit FAILED
1024 Violation of law FAILED
1025 Card not effective FAILED
1026 Invalid PIN block FAILED
1027 PIN length error FAILED
1028 PIN key sync error FAILED
1029 Suspected counterfeit card FAILED
1030 Currency unacceptable to card issuer FAILED
1031 Not authorised and fees disputed FAILED
1032 Lost/stolen card FAILED
1033 Authorization lifecycle unacceptable FAILED
1034 Authorization lifecycle has expired FAILED
1035 Closed account FAILED
1036 Closed savings account, or restricted for closing FAILED
1037 Closed credit account or restricted for closing FAILED
1038 Closed credit facility cheque account or restricted for closing FAILED
1039 Closed cheque account or restricted for closing FAILED
1041 From account bad status FAILED
1042 To account bad status FAILED
1044 Information not on file MISSING
1045 Card verification data failed FAILED
1046 Amount not found FAILED
1047 PIN change required FAILED
1048 New PIN invalid FAILED
1049 Bank not found FAILED
1050 Bank not effective FAILED
1051 Customer vendor not found FAILED
1052 Customer vendor not effective FAILED
1053 Customer vendor account invalid FAILED
1054 Vendor not found FAILED
1055 Vendor not effective FAILED
1056 Vendor data invalid FAILED
1057 Payment date invalid FAILED
1058 Personal identification not found MISSING
1059 Scheduled transactions exist FAILED
1060 Transaction did not complete normally at terminal FAILED
1061 Transaction not supported by the card issuer FAILED
1062 Cashback not allowed FAILED
1063 Cashback amount exceeded FAILED
1064 Declined, transaction processed offline by terminal FAILED
1065 Declined, terminal unable to process offline FAILED
1066 Declined, transaction processed offline after referral FAILED
1068 Identification number invalid FAILED
1069 Driver number invalid FAILED
1070 Vehicle number invalid FAILED
1071 Digital certificate expired FAILED
1800 Partial, Additional Customer identification required PARTIAL
1801 Request format error FAILED
1802 New Card Issued FAILED
1803 Cancelled or Closed Merchant FAILED
1804 PIN verification not supported FAILED
1805 Terminal date-time error FAILED
1806 Too many fallbacks FAILED
1807 Fallback not allowed FAILED
1808 Wrong EMV or ICC cryptogram FAILED
1809 Cryptogram error FAILED
1810 Track missing FAILED
1811 Original transaction rejected FAILED
1812 Original transaction already reversed FAILED
1813 SCA - PIN required FAILED
1814 Use another interface FAILED
1815 Additional customer authentication required (CDCVM/Passcode/Biometric). Authenticate and tap/re-submit authorisation again FAILED
1816 Acquirer requested SCA action not supported FAILED
1817 Invalid issuer FAILED
1818 Customer Cancellation FAILED
1819 Does not fulfill AML (Anti Money Laundering) Requirements FAILED
1820 Card Number Blocked FAILED
1821 Address Verification Failed FAILED
1822 Transaction type not permitted for offline processing FAILED
1823 Offline limit exceeded FAILED
1824 Invalid use of SCA Exemption Indicators FAILED
1825 Invalid terminal id FAILED
1826 Try another card FAILED
1827 Authorisation order (recurring payment) revoked. Corresponds to Visa's R1 response code FAILED
1828 All authorisation orders (recurring payments) revoked. Corresponds to Visa's R3 response code FAILED
1829 Bad authorisation code FAILED
1830 Inactive account FAILED
1831 Card already active FAILED
1832 Account locked FAILED
1833 Invalid track data FAILED
1834 Security code required FAILED
1835 Cardholder refused a single recurring payment. Contact cardholder for more details. Corresponds to Visa's R0 response code FAILED
1836 SCA Exemption Soft Decline. Transaction Risk Analysis service not available FAILED
1837 New card. Activate your card before making a payment FAILED
1838 Declined, additional customer identification required FAILED
1839 Invalid country code FAILED
2000 Do not honour FAILED
2001 Expired card FAILED
2002 Suspected fraud FAILED
2003 Card acceptor contact acquirer FAILED
2004 Restricted card FAILED
2005 Card acceptor call acquirer's security department FAILED
2006 Allowable PIN tries exceeded FAILED
2007 Special conditions FAILED
2008 Lost card FAILED
2009 Stolen card FAILED
2010 Suspected counterfeit card FAILED
2011 Daily withdrawal uses exceeded FAILED
2012 Daily withdrawal amount exceeded FAILED
5000 Reconciled, in balance SUCCESS
5001 Reconciled, out of balance PARTIAL
5002 Amount not reconciled, totals provided FAILED
5003 Totals not available TECHNICAL
5004 Not reconciled, totals provided FAILED
5800 Open session message, the session number used is less than current session. Correct session number attached FAILED
5801 Wrong session number, the session number used is not the current one, it is not possible to reconcile other session than current open session. Current open session number attached FAILED
8000 Accepted SUCCESS
8001 Rejected, unable to perform request at current time, try later FAILED
8002 Rejected, key verification failed. Key sync error or key check value does not match TECHNICAL
9000 Advice acknowledged, no 9000-9001 financial liability accepted Used in all message types to indicate error or response actions FAILED
9001 Advice acknowledged, financial liability accepted SUCCESS
9080 Accepted, ATC Synchronization SUCCESS
9102 Invalid transaction MISSING
9103 Re-enter transaction FAILED
9105 Acquirer not supported by switch FAILED
9106 Cutover in process TECHNICAL
9107 Card issuer or switch inoperative TECHNICAL
9108 Transaction destination cannot be found for routing FAILED
9109 System malfunction TECHNICAL
9110 Card issuer signed off TECHNICAL
9111 Card issuer timed out TECHNICAL
9112 Card issuer unavailable TECHNICAL
9113 Duplicate transmission FAILED
9114 Not able to trace back to original transaction MISSING
9115 Reconciliation cutover or checkpoint error FAILED
9116 MAC incorrect FAILED
9117 MAC key sync error FAILED
9118 No communication keys available for use FAILED
9119 Encryption key sync error FAILED
9120 Security software/hardware error - try again FAILED
9121 Security software/hardware error - no action FAILED
9122 Message number out of sequence FAILED
9123 Request in progress TECHNICAL
9124 Invalid security code FAILED
9125 Database error FAILED
9128 Customer vendor format error FAILED
9132 Recurring data error FAILED
9133 Update not allowed FAILED
9200 Transaction refused before sending to acquirer FAILED
9201 Transaction refused after sending to acquirer FAILED
9280 Invalid token scope. Either no token scope was provided or a default token scope could not be selected because this entity has multiple scopes configured. FAILED
9350 Violation of business arrangement FAILED
9133 Update not allowed FAILED
9998 Transaction blocked by validation rules FAILED
9999 General Error - Unknown or Unspecified reason FAILED


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