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Online Payments

Reason codes for API transactions

Last updated: 11-May-2022
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The following table describes the reason codes for failed, successful, and blocked card transactions (using the ecommerce API):

 Reason code  Description  Outcome
 0000  Approved  SUCCESS
 0001  Honour with identification  PARTIAL
 0002  Approved for partial amount  PARTIAL
 0003  Approved (VIP)    SUCCESS
 0004  Approved, update track 3  SUCCESS
 0005  Approved, account type specified by card issuer  SUCCESS
 0006  Approved for partial amount, account type specified by card issuer  PARTIAL
 0008  Approved but fees disputed    PARTIAL
 0009  Approved with overdraft   SUCCESS
 0010  Approved, customer reactivated    SUCCESS
 0011  Approved, terminal unable to process online   SUCCESS
 0012  Approved, transaction processed offline by terminal   SUCCESS
 0013  Approved, transaction processed offline after referral  SUCCESS
 0085 Declined, no reason given     FAILED
 0800  Declined, additional customer identification required  FAILED
 0801  Advice accepted, no financial liability accepted      FAILED
 1000  Do not honour     FAILED
 1001  Expired card      FAILED
 1002  Suspected fraud   FAILED
 1003  Card acceptor contact acquirer. Phone for authorisation  FAILED
 1004  Restricted card   FAILED
 1005  Card acceptor call acquirer's security department  FAILED
 1006  Allowable PIN tries exceeded      FAILED
 1007  Refer to card issuer      FAILED
 1008  Refer to card issuer's special conditions     FAILED
 1009  Invalid card acceptor, Merchant  FAILED
 1010  Invalid amount    FAILED
 1011  Invalid card number   FAILED
 1012  PIN data required     FAILED
 1013  Unacceptable fee or commission    FAILED
 1014  No account of type requested. Account Type Error      FAILED
 1015  Requested function not supported      FAILED
 1016  Not sufficient funds      FAILED
 1017  Incorrect PIN     FAILED
 1018  No card record    FAILED
 1019  Transaction not permitted to cardholder   FAILED
 1020  Transaction not permitted to terminal     FAILED
 1021  Exceeds withdrawal amount limit   FAILED
 1022  Security violation    FAILED
 1023  Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit    FAILED
 1024  Violation of law      FAILED
 1025  Card not effective    FAILED
 1026  Invalid PIN block     FAILED
 1027  PIN length error      FAILED
 1028  PIN key sync error    FAILED
 1029  Suspected counterfeit card    FAILED
 1030  Currency unacceptable to card issuer      FAILED
 1031  Not authorised and fees disputed      FAILED
 1032  Lost/stolen card      FAILED
 1033  Authorization lifecycle unacceptable      FAILED
 1034  Authorization lifecycle has expired   FAILED
 1035  Closed account    FAILED
 1036  Closed savings account, or restricted for closing     FAILED
 1037  Closed credit account or restricted for closing   FAILED
 1038  Closed credit facility cheque account or restricted for closing  FAILED
 1039  Closed cheque account or restricted for closing   FAILED
 1041  From account bad status   FAILED
 1042  To account bad status     FAILED
 1044  Information not on file   MISSING
 1045  Card verification data failed     FAILED
 1046  Amount not found      FAILED
 1047  PIN change required   FAILED
 1048  New PIN invalid   FAILED
 1049  Bank not found    FAILED
 1050  Bank not effective    FAILED
 1051  Customer vendor not found     FAILED
 1052  Customer vendor not effective     FAILED
 1053 Customer vendor account invalid   FAILED
 1054  Vendor not found      FAILED
1055  Vendor not effective      FAILED
 1056  Vendor data invalid   FAILED
 1057  Payment date invalid      FAILED
 1058  Personal identification not found     MISSING
 1059  Scheduled transactions exist      FAILED
 1060  Transaction did not complete normally at terminal     FAILED
 1061  Transaction not supported by the card issuer      FAILED
 1062  Cashback not allowed      FAILED
 1063  Cashback amount exceeded      FAILED
 1064  Declined, transaction processed offline by terminal   FAILED
 1065  Declined, terminal unable to process offline      FAILED
 1066  Declined, transaction processed offline after referral  FAILED
 1068  Identification number invalid     FAILED
 1069  Driver number invalid     FAILED
 1070  Vehicle number invalid    FAILED
 1071  Digital certificate expired   FAILED
 1800  Partial, Additional Customer identification required  PARTIAL
 1801  Request format error      FAILED
 1802  New Card Issued   FAILED
 1803  Cancelled or Closed Merchant      FAILED
 2000  Do not honour     FAILED
 2001  Expired card      FAILED
 2002  Suspected fraud   FAILED
 2003  Card acceptor contact acquirer    FAILED
 2004  Restricted card   FAILED
 2005  Card acceptor call acquirer's security department     FAILED
 2006  Allowable PIN tries exceeded      FAILED
 2007  Special conditions    FAILED
 2009  Stolen card   FAILED
 2010  Suspected counterfeit card    FAILED
 2011  Daily withdrawal uses exceeded    FAILED
 2012  Daily withdrawal amount exceeded      FAILED
 5000  Reconciled, in balance    FAILED
 5001  Reconciled, out of balance    FAILED
 5002  Amount not reconciled, totals provided    FAILED
 5003  Totals not available      FAILED
 5004  Not reconciled, totals provided   FAILED
 8001  Rejected, unable to perform request at current time, try later   FAILED

 Rejected, key verification failed.

 Key sync error or key check value does not match.


 Advice acknowledged, no 9000-9001 financial liability accepted.

 Used in all message types to indicate error or response actions.

 9001  Advice acknowledged, financial liability accepted     SUCCESS
 9080  Accepted, ATC Synchronization     SUCCESS
 9102  Invalid transaction  MISSING
 9103  Re-enter transaction      FAILED
 9105  Acquirer not supported by switch    FAILED
 9106  Cutover in process    TECHNICAL
 9107  Card issuer or switch inoperative     TECHNICAL
 9108  Transaction destination cannot be found for routing   FAILED
 9109  System malfunction    TECHNICAL
 9110  Card issuer signed off    TECHNICAL
 9111  Card issuer timed out     TECHNICAL
 9112  Card issuer unavailable   TECHNICAL
 9113  Duplicate transmission    FAILED
 9114  Not able to trace back to original transaction    MISSING
 9115  Reconciliation cutover or checkpoint error    FAILED
 9116  MAC incorrect     FAILED
 9117  MAC key sync error    FAILED
 9118  No communication keys available for use   FAILED
 9119  Encryption key sync error     FAILED
 9120  Security software/hardware error - try again      FAILED
 9121  Security software/hardware error - no action      FAILED
 9122  Message number out of sequence    FAILED
 9123  Request in progress   TECHNICAL
 9124  Invalid security code     FAILED
 9125  Database error    FAILED
 9128  Customer vendor format error    FAILED
 9132  Recurring data error   FAILED
 9133  Update not allowed   FAILED
 9350  Violation of business arrangement   FAILED
 9133  Update not allowed  FAILED
 9200 Transaction refused before sending to acquirer  FAILED
 9998  Transaction is blocked by rulesets    BLOCKED
 9999  General Error - Unknown or Unspecified reasonCollapse  FAILED
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