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API authentication

Last updated: 09-May-2023


Verifone is offering API Key authentication for merchants so they can maintain long-lasting integrations in an easy way. 

Create API Keys to get access Verifone’s APIs and integrate with our services to create and manipulate transactions.

The Verifone API Keys are designed to use the both the HTTP Basic Authentication and Bearer Authentication methods. The API Keys can be used by merchants to authenticate their applications against Verifone APIs, common (e-commerce) use cases are integrations to the checkout service and ecommerce service.

API keys are always linked to a user, which means the API key also inherits the permissions linked to the user and the assigned user roles.


To create an API key, your Verifone Central account must have one of the following roles: 

  • Merchant Admin
  • Merchant External Partner
  • Merchant Supervisor
  • Merchant Cashier

Authentication methods

There are two authentication methods provided by Verifone that can be used within the REST API calls:

1. Basic authentication - detailed here

2. Bearer authentication - detailed here

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