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Obtaining API Keys

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024

The expiration date of API Keys is one year from the date of activation. The system automatically sends email notifications every week during the last three months and every day during the last week before the expiration date.

In the recent update of Entity Service and Verifone Central it is now possible to generate the API Keys directly in the Admin Panel. 

To obtain the keys, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure the valid user logs into the necessary site.

  2. Navigate to the user settings at the top right corner and select the API Keys option from the dropdown menu.

    api keys button

  3. On the API Keys page, click the Create API Key button.

    create api key button

  4. To copy the key, click the Copy public key button and paste it to a safe location. Once the key has been copied, the success message will appear at the right-bottom corner of your screen.

    The API key can only be copied once. Store the API Key in a safe place. 
    If the key is lost, the key should be de-activated and a new one should be created.
    API keys expire after 1 year. 
    A user can create up to of 5 API keys.


    copy api key

    api key created

  5. Navigate back to the My Account page.

    my account

  6. Locate your "user-uid" by highlighting and copying the rest of the URL in your browser's address field. See the screenshot below.

    user uid

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