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Payment documents

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024


Payment Documents(receipts) are defined as any document with the purpose of describing a payment acceptance and processing, containing details such as the payment amount, payment method, terminal ID, transaction ID, or the authorization number and not only limited to those. Verifone payment documents cover both in-store, MOTO, Pay By Link, Virtual Terminal and eComm solutions. This can also be integrated with third party payment documents providers like Invoice4U.

Payment documents can be generated, re-generated, shown, and provided through Verifone Central. They can be sent, at any time, to the merchant and shopper mailboxes from Verifone Central -> Documents tab. These can be customized as per merchant needs including here the possibility to add a merchant logo, a merchant address, and many other information.

Payment documents through Verifone Central

To get started, the Merchant needs to be onboarded for this service with Verifone.  After enrolment, Merchants will be able to access the Payment Documents for eligible Transaction Types and Statuses through Verifone Central.



  • Merchant Admin
    • view and edit Payment Documents
  • Merchant Supervisor
    • view and edit Payment Documents
  • Merchant Cashier
    • view Payment Documents

🚫 No access

  • Merchant Reviewer
  • Merchant User

Payment document logo

The Merchant logo will have to respect the below requirements:

  • Accepted file types: .png
  • Maximum upload file size: 500 KB
   Depending on the country and the sale channel (In-Store or eComm) there are some specific types of receipts that can be used.

Third party payment documents through Invoice4U

Verifone's third party payment documents service allows you to utilize payment document (also called as transaction receipts) providers outside of Verifone. Currently, Verifone offers third party payment documents functionality with one external provider, with Invoice4U in Israel.

Verifone's Third party Payment Documents generation - through Invoice4U feature is available as a value-added Verifone service for Merchants in Israel. To get started, the Merchant needs to be onboarded for this service with Verifone. The Merchant also needs to be enrolled with Invoice4U, which is a separate entity from Verifone. After enrolment to both services, Merchants will be able to access Invoice4U Payment Document IDs for eligible Transaction Types and Statuses.

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