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Last updated: 13-Mar-2024
   In order to correctly use the refund system from Shopify, you need to know what the settlement period of your transactions are. This settlement period is dependent on you acquirer. Reach out to your Verifone representative for more information.
  1. Locate the transaction you want to refund and click on Refund.

    For instructions on how to search and locate a transaction check the Searching Transactions documentation.

    Refund button

  2. Enter a refund reason (optional) and the refund amount.

    How to refund

       If you are issuing a partial refund, note that this type of refund can only be done after the transaction has been settled.
    If you initiate this refund from Shopify before settlement, you may need to reinitiate the refund from your Verifone Central account at a later date.
  3. Click again on Refund.

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