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Line items

Last updated: 22-Mar-2022


Using the checkout API, a merchant can send product information to his customers on the checkout page. If the products are declared as line items, they will be shown under the order amount in the show details section. 

  • Line Item – Every product on the order is referenced by a record that includes a product name, quantity and price

Please make sure that the sum of total amounts declared per product is equal with the order amount. 

Visual Result 2Visual Result


This feature is available on all merchant accounts. 

The line item array is not mandatory when the create checkout is used; however, certain APMs require the usage of line items to validate the order content.



Required parameters Type Description
name string Descriptive name of the order line item
total_amount number Price value of a product (with tax - unit_price + tax_rate)

Line items code snippet example:

    "line_items": [
            "name": "Product Test 1",
            "quantity": 1,
            "tax_rate": 21.0,
            "total_tax_amount": 2100,
            "total_amount": 12100,
            "unit_price": 10000,
            "image_url": ""
            "name": "Product Test 2",
            "quantity": 2,
            "tax_rate": 0.0,
            "total_tax_amount": 0,
            "total_amount": 2000,
            "unit_price": 1000,
            "image_url": ""



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