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Unmatched Refunds

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024


The unmatched refunds functionality allows you to perform a credit card refund using the eCommerce API for cases where regular or extended refunds cannot be supported. With unmatched refunds, you initiate the credit without reference to a previous transaction.


Only users with Merchant Supervisor role are allowed to perform unlinked refunds.

   To check the availability for unmatched refunds, see  Supported Acquirers.

Whenever the merchant requests to be able to perform unmatched refunds, the "Allow Unmatched Refunds" checkbox from the Payment Provider Contract (PPC) page in Verifone Central has to be ticked. This checkbox will be shown whenever the unmatched refunds are supported by the acquirer.

   For a user to be able to perform unlinked refunds, the feature needs be allowed at acquirer level as well.


The payment_provider_contract, amount, currency_code, encrypted_card and public_key_alias (for encrypted card usage), reuse_token (for reuse token usage) are the required fields for performing an unmatched refund/transaction.

Unmatched refunds is successfully performed even if the card/token of the cardholder is expired.

eCommerce API

This functionality is present in the following API file: Verifone eCommerce API | Verifone Developer Portal. You can run the code on

Unmatched Refund eCommerce API

An unmatched refund transaction can be initiated by:

  • Using an Encrypted Card
    Encrypted card
  • Using Reuse Token
    Reuse Token

Virtual Terminal

The unmatched refund functionality is also available in Virtual Terminal for gift cards and credit and debit cards.

The merchant has the possibility to perform an unmatched refund by ticking the Unlinked refund checkbox.

VT Unlinked refund

   For more details on how to complete the Virtual Terminal Payment Settings and/or Payment Form pages, check the Virtual Terminal documentation.

After completing the Payment Settings form, the user will be redirected to the Payment Form, where the payment details will be provided.

Once a transaction is completed successfully, a confirmation will be displayed.

Payment completed

Unmatched Refunds in Verifone Central Reporting

The unmatched refunds can be found in the Transactions tab. The Transaction type Refund and the corresponding statuses will be displayed.

For an unmatched refund, the Related transaction field will not appear, indicating that the transaction is just an unmatched refund.

transactions tab

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