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Tokenization for Gift Cards and PLCC

Last updated: 13-Jun-2024

Verifone also offers the possibility of tokenizing gift cards and Private Label Credit Cards (PLCC). The process is similar to tokenizing a regular card.

This functionality helps the customer perform cross-channel transactions which include the use of gift cards/ private label credit cards.

Additional notes:
  • Expiration date of the gift card / PLCC is optional for the tokenization
  • The gift card / PLCC PAN can have a length of minimum 4 digits
  • The client needs to indicate in the payment request the card brand GIFT_CARD / PLCC and / or the account type STORED_VALUE / PRIVATE_LABEL along with the token
  • Sale, Pre-auth, Void and Refund would be the supported request types using the re-use token generated for the gift cards / PLCCs
  • At the moment the tokenization can be performed only via the PUT and PATCH /v2/card endpoints and not via the endpoints used for initiating a payment (e.g.: POST /v2/transactions/card endpoint). Check the eCom API public documentation.

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