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Error Handling and Troubleshooting

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024

If you encounter any errors during the installation and configuration of the PrestaShop plugin, you can find a log of all errors under the Advanced parameters → Logs section.

Integrate PrestaShop Plugin for Verifone_10

If some errors are not logged, you can always view the Apache or Nginx logs.

Common errors

  • Not having the currency of PrestaShop set to the one that the payment contract supports;
  • Not having created a public key for Secure Card Capture
  • Organisation ID, Payment Contract ID, or 3DS Contract ID do not match the correct entity that they were created for;
  • cURL verify host is enabled/disabled but the host server does not have proper TLS certificates;
  • Not having the latest PrestaShop module version installed;
  • Make sure that the credentials are correct: Payment Contract ID, User ID, API key, Organisation ID, etc;
   Note that the Prestashop connector will only work for version 1.7 and above.

In most cases, the error may be caused by various PHP errors and/or warnings.

If the error is caused by a request to the Verifone server, then the error message received when the request fails is very informative. Here is an example:

    "code": 116,
    "details": {},
    "timestamp": 1608705038970,
    "message": "Access is restricted to authenticated users only. The query can't be made without a valid JWT (check the Authorization header of your request)."

The above request was denied because the user was not authorized. This is due to an invalid token being present in the Authorization bearer.

This kind of error format will be present on almost all requests that fail and will deliver a concrete error message along with it which in turn will pinpoint the problem precisely.

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