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PayPal Refund

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024


Refunds a captured payment by ID.  

  • For a full refund, include an empty payload in the JSON request body
  • For a partial refund, include an amount object in the JSON request body

Note:  A valid JWT Token is required to make the API call.

Required fields

There are no required fields for the Refund API.

Optional fields

  • reason - The reason for the refund. Appears in both the payer's transaction history and the emails that the payer receives.
  • amount - The amount object tells the amount to refund. If not provided, whole amount will be refunded.
  • amount.value - Amount to refund. Always expects integer (112 will be 1.12 for USD/ EUR. For most currencies, 1000 is equal to 10; it depends on the number of digits after the decimal separator. You can see the list of all currencies here).
  • amount.currencyCode - Currency code (ISO-4217)

Refunding a payment

Here is an example request that can be used for refunding a transaction payment:

 POST /transactions/{id}/refund
    "amount": {
        "value": "1099",
        "currencyCode": "USD"
   "reason": "defected product"

Note:  You can make the request with empty body. In that case, full amount will be refunded.

The response for refund transaction payment will look like this:

    "id": "6a0ff62c-a869-47c1-a380-3298d9718a42",
    "refundId": "123456",
    "status": "AUTHORISED",
    "createdAt": "2020-07-10T21:20:49Z",

Response fields are:

  • id - the transaction ID 
  • refundId - ID saved on PayPal for this refund
  • status - the current status for the transaction
  • createdAt - the datetime when the refund was created

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