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Google Pay

Last updated: 11-May-2023


Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment method developed by Google. Shoppers can use Google Pay to make contactless purchases in-app, online, and in-store from any Android mobile device (tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, etc.).

This guide requires familiarity with Accepting payments.


  Note: Google Pay is currently available in Sandbox environment. Coming soon in Production.

To check in which countries or regions you can use Google Pay, read more on availability and geographical coverage here. If you need more information on Google Pay, you can also refer to these Google resources: Google Pay API terms of serviceBrand guidelinesTutorialIntegration checklist, Google Pay implementation for Google Pay API for Android or Web.


As a merchant, you can:

Shoppers in over 20 countries and regions across the world will be able to use their preferred payment method during the checkout flow and thus increase their buying rate.


Verifone processes B2C payments with Google Pay via your acquirer (i.e., Verifone is not involved in the funds' flow) and provides Hosted Checkout, Pay By Link, Portal for Payment Actions (capture, cancel, refund), transactions reporting, 3DS report, and settlements reporting.

If you are already using Verifone's Hosted Checkout, once you activate Google Pay as a payment method, this will be displayed in your shopping cart. When your shoppers choose to pay with Google Pay, they are redirected to the Google Pay payment flow to finalize their purchase. Then, Verifone returns the transaction response/confirmation to you (merchant). After payment confirmation, Verifone redirects the shopper automatically back to your shop.

   For generating testing cards, please follow the Google Pay guidelines.

Activate Google Pay

To be able to use Google Pay as a payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.
  2. Navigate to Administration and click on Wallets.

googlepay wallet 1

  3. Select your Organisation from the drop-down list and then click on Add new wallet.

googlepay wallet 2

  4. On the Wallets page, select your Organisation from the drop-down list and choose the Google Pay option.

  5. Click on Add wallet to add the Google Pay wallet to your payment methods portfolio.

googlepay wallet 3

  6. After adding your Google Pay wallet to your Organisation, this payment option will be shown as active. If you ever wish to remove this payment option from your portfolio, you can do that by disabling the Wallet from the same page. 

googlepay wallet 4

Integrate Google Pay as a payment method

You can accept payments through Google Pay via Checkout (Hosted Payments Page - HPP) or via eComm API.

3DS contract ID will need to be used when using Google Pay and SCA compliance level different then NONE.

Once you set up a Google Pay wallet for your Organisation, the next step is to create a checkout. To do this, you need to include the code snippet below:

Here is an example body for creating a Checkout to be used as a Hosted Payments Page (default interaction_type):

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer \
--data-raw '{
"currency_code": "EUR",
"amount": 1000,
"entity_id": "a6b45428-0296-4394-8ddd-0b50b5b20aa9",
"customer": "e4cfeb8d-0e36-4478-8a01-88950d17d1b0",
"configurations": {
"google_pay": {
"dynamic_descriptor": "SNEAKERS DELUXE",
"card": {
"payment_contract_id": "e4ef1f24-4e95-4cdc-be6a-4f18ed2056ad",
"authorization_type": "FINAL_AUTH",
"sca_compliance_level": "FORCE_3DS",

Unknown macro: { "enabled"}
"merchant_reference": "ORDER-1234",
"return_url": "",

Unknown macro: { "default_language"}

The response for creating the Checkout will look like this:

"id": "e09d31b5-231a-4b26-a3aa-0bbfa901412a",
"url": ""

Here is an example body for creating a Checkout to be used as Iframe:

  "amount": 74.55,
  "currency_code": "EUR",
  "entity_id": "{{entity_id}}",
  "configurations": {
    "{{payment_method}}": {
      // varies per payment_method
  "merchant_reference": "SNKRS-7001",
  "return_url": "{{merchant_return_url}}",
  "interaction_type": "IFRAME"

The response for creating the checkout will look like this:

  "id": "38615263-ed67-4774-bddd-7407edc0b700",
  "url": "{{host}}/v2/loader.js?checkoutId=38615263-ed67-4774-bddd-7407edc0b700"

    Payment actions

    You can perform the following payment actions using Google Pay via Verifone Central.

    • Payment actions via Verifone Central
    To manage the transactions via Verifone eComm API, use

    Stored credentials for Google Pay

    Stored Credentials for Google Pay are supported as long as the acquirer supports both Stored Credentials and Google Pay.

    To perform a “Sign Up Google Pay transaction, the “Initiate a wallet payment using Google Pay or Apple Pay” API endpoint should be used.

    To perform a “Charge” Google Pay transaction, an  “Initiate a card payment” API call should be submitted and use a re-use token as well.

    For more details related to Stored Credentials, please access our Stored Credentials page.


    You can see and export transaction reports, 3DS transaction reports, and settlement reports for the Google Pay wallet right from your Verifone Central account.

    Need help?

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    Did not find the answer you are looking for? Please contact us. We are happy to help.

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