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Capturing an authorisation

Last updated: 18-Apr-2022

Capturing an authorization

A capture on an authorization places a hold on a payment. Usually, the full authorization amount is captured; however, it's also possible to capture a smaller amount - the remaining part of the authorization will then need to be canceled. This step triggers the process to capture the funds to the Merchant resulting in clearing and settlement.

You can perform a capture through the API or through the portal. Captures can only be completed on transactions with the status AUTHORIZED.

Payment methods, which automatically capture as part of authorization (or where capture==true), do not need to be captured. If immediate or delayed auto-capture is enabled, calling the capture method is not necessary. 

Note the required parameters:

  • id - Example: 76944d4b-89e6-48d2-ac04-675383c3eedf

Original transaction ID to capture authorization.

  • amount - string (Amount Simple Type) <= 32 characters ^((-?[0-9]+)|(-?([0-9]+)?.+))$

The value, which can be anything from:

  • An integer. For currencies that are not typically fractional, such as JPY.
  • A three-place decimal fraction. For currencies that are subdivided into thousandths, such as TND.
  • An eight-place decimal fraction. For currencies such as Bitcoin.

For the required number of decimal places for a currency code, see ISO 4217.

Capturing an authorization via the API

Send a POST/transactions/{id}/capture

"amount": "20.50",
"id": "1234",
"initiatorTraceId": "000001",
"referenceId": "200211654321",
"createdDateTime": "2019-02-24T05:19:12Z",
"online": true

Response example:

  "id": "76944d4b-89e6-48d2-ac04-675383c3eedf",
  "status": "AUTHORIZED",
  "createdAt": "2020-07-19T19:35:36Z",
  "reversalStatus": "NONE",
  "response": "SUCCESS",
  "responseCode": "0000",
  "responseMessage": "string",
  "acquirerResponseCode": "stri",
  "poiUid": "0e0357d7-8c7f-49ac-b07f-3db112be3126",
  "poiId": "652314",
  "merchantId": "765231"

Capturing an authorization via Verifone Central

  1. Log in to Verifone Central and go to the Transaction page.
  2. Select the Transaction ID from the drop-down menu and type in the Transaction ID in the search bar.
  3. Click on the transaction and navigate to the Actions tab.
  4. Enter the amount you want to capture and click Capture.

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