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WooCommerce Plugin Integration

Last updated: 10-Nov-2022
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WooCommerce is a plugin that handles one-off/ single payments and integrates easily with any website built on WordPress. The plugin helps merchants turn their websites into fully functional WordPress eCommerce platforms with just a few clicks.​

WooCommerce offers online retailers a suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an eStore for small and enterprise merchants. ​


Before installing the Verifone Hosted cart, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Prerequisites related to the WordPress/ WooCommerce tools: 
    • Install a WordPress version not older than 5.5.1
    • Install the WooCommerce plugin (you can download the latest plugin version from
    • In the WooCommerce administration panel, under WooCommerce -> Settings -> General, you need to set the Default Customer Location to something other than the "No location by default" setting.
  • Prerequisites related to using Verifone Hosted cart in conjunction with the WooCommerce plugin:
    • The user that will be utilized in the plugin configuration needs at least one of the following roles assigned: Merchant Supervisor/ Merchant Cashier (in order to check the roles assigned to your user, log in to Verifone Central using the URL you received in your welcome emails and go to Administration  Users)
    • You will need to generate a Secure Card Capture key on the organization your user is associated to, in Verifone Central.

WooCommerce Integration Settings


This tutorial was written while focusing on the default WordPress theme. Please note that other themes may have moved certain menu elements away from their original location.

Installation of the Verifone Hosted cart plugin can and should be done just like for any other plugin. Overall, there are two possible ways of installing the plugin:

  • Via the user interface
  • Manually, by copying the plugin files to the appropriate location inside the WordPress installation

Installation via the UI

Follow these steps below to install the Verifone Hosted cart via WordPress:

  1. Log in to the WooCommerce administration panel (generally located at <URL>/wp-admin).
  2. Navigate to Plugins and click on Add new.


 3. On the Add Plugins page, click on Upload plugin.


 4. Click on Choose File, select your file and press Install now. The plugin folder must be in a .zip format. No other format is accepted at this time.


 5. After installing the plugin, navigate to Plugins → Installed Plugins (or simply use the navigation menu on the left-hand side) and click on Activate to enable the plugin.


Manual installation

To install the plugin manually by copying the plugin files to the appropriate location inside the WordPress installation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress installation folder.
  2. Inside this folder, you should see a folder called wp-content. Navigate to that folder.
  3. Inside the wp-content, you should see another folder called plugins. Navigate to the plugins folder.
  4. Inside the plugins folder, copy and paste ALL the Verifone-hosted cart files as they are listed.
  5. If you cannot see the folders mentioned above, then your WordPress installation is incorrect.

WooCommerce Configuration

After installing the plugin, you need to configure the correct credentials that will associate it to your Verifone account.

 1. On the WooCommerce dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings and click on Payments.

Woocommerce configuration payment methods

 2. In the Payments tab, click on Verifone Hosted Cart.

woocommerce hosted cart

 3. The configuration page should look like the one displayed below. There are several tabs, grouping various settings you need to perform:

Verifone account settings

woocommerce verifone account settings 1

     Each field/option has a tooltip which can be viewed by hovering the “?” icon.

The information in the Verifone account settings area is mandatory. After filling out all the fields, click Save changes to save your settings.

  • User ID: The ID of the user that generated the API key in Verifone Central. You can find this information in your Verifone Central account, under Profile API Keys.
  • API Key: The value of the API Key you created in Verifone Central.
  • Organisation ID: The Organisation ID can be found in Verifone Central, under Administration Organisations. There might be several organisations available as part of your account hierarchy. When filling in the organisation ID here, please make sure you pick the ID of the organisation connected to your Payment Provider Contract. You can check that by clicking on the organisation and searching for the associated payment provider contracts.
  • Verifone account region: The region in which your Verifone account is created. Check your Verifone Central access URL if in doubt.

Verifone Account Settings

   You can enable the test mode by checking the Enable test mode box so you can use the Verifone test environment to test your integration. Before starting to test, you need to have an account set up in the test environment and you will use the information from your test account (user ID, API key, organization ID). Test cards can be located in the article.

Display settings

woocommerce display settings

The Display settings area allows you to configure the look and feel of your payment page. After filling out all the fields, click Save changes to save your settings.

  • Checkout type: Choose whether you need the Verifone checkout to be displayed as a standalone page where your customers are redirected to perform the payment or as an iFrame (embedded onto your website page). 
    • Hosted Payment Page (HPP) - the shopper is redirected to a payment page hosted by Verifone to make the payment. Upon completion of the payment process, the shopper is redirected back to your website page.
    • iFRAME allows you to display a payment form component as part of your own website, without having to redirect the shopper to a new web page. The form is still securely hosted by Verifone, so there is no additional PCI scope required for you with this solution.
  • Title: This is displayed on the WooCommerce cart page to your shoppers, indicating the name of the Verifone checkout/available payment methods.
  • Description: This is displayed on the WooCommerce cart page to your shoppers, indicating the description of the Verifone checkout/available payment methods.
  • Place order button label: This is the label on the button leading your shoppers to the Verifone checkout.

Place Order Button

  • Theme ID: Verifone allows you to customize the look and feel of the payment page you show to your customers. To use this in conjunction with our WooCommerce plugin, you need to create a custom theme for your payment page, by using the tool available in your Verifone Central account. Once the customer theme is created, you will be able to pick up the theme ID and fill it in the WooCommerce display settings section. More on themes can be found here

Theme id

  • Enable loading state after placing the order: By ticking this checkbox, the WooCommerce cart page will display a "loading" type of feedback after the "Place order" button is clicked by your shoppers. We recommend enabling it to make sure your customers are aware of the redirect to the payment page.

Card payment settings

Woocommerce card payments

The card payment settings area allows you to configure the payment details needed to process card payments. After filling out the fields, click Save changes to save your settings.

  • If you check the Enable card payment checkbox, you need to provide information about your Payment provider contract ID. You can find this info in your Verifone Central account, under Administration → Payment Provider Contracts. Please make sure you collect the ID belonging to that Payment Provider Contract that enables card payments.
  • If you check the Enable card 3DS checkbox, you need to provide information about your 3DS Contract ID. The 3DS Contract ID can be found in your Verifone Central account, under Administration → 3-D Secure Provider Contracts.
  • Transaction type
    • Pre-auth - Preauthorization acts as a reservation on your cardholder’s account. Once you are able to ship the products and decide to withdraw the amount, you can then capture the payment (either via your Verifone Central account or by using WooCommerce → Orders Capture). Preauthorization allows you more time to capture the payment (it is usually 30 days but this needs to be checked with acquirer, as it might vary depending on card schemes/ merchant category code). Please also make sure Verifone supports this transaction type for the acquiring solution you are using.  
    • Auth Authorization also acts as a reservation on your cardholder’s account – that you can capture later on, once you ship the products to your customers. The difference between authorization and preauthorization is that you only have up to 7 days allowed by the time you decide to capture the amount. Here as well, please check that Verifone supports this transaction type for the acquiring solution you are using. 
    • Sale - The sale transaction implies authorization and capture are done in one single step.
  • Check the Enable ABS Installments (valid only for Israel) option, if you are using Verifone as a gateway services provider in conjunction with an acquiring contract with from ABS.

Fraud Protect

Fraud Protect is a fraud assessing solution that provides information about the fraud risk of each eligible transaction. Merchants can use Fraud Protect for transactions processed through Verifone.​

Using Fraud Protect makes it easier to accept safe transactions and reject the fraudulent ones, which can increase sales and reduce costs associated with credit card fraud.​

Access the Fraud protection documentation to view the Fraud Protect-related information and how to set your fraud_protection_contract from Verifone Central.

To set up fraud protection for the cart events, follow these steps:

1. Go to WooCommerce  Card payment settings and check Enable Fraud Protection.

2. Introduce your Fraud Contract ID information. (To get your Fraud Contract ID information, log in to Verifone Central, go to the Administration tab and click on Added value services > Fraud protect.)

Fraud Protect

Alternative payment options

woocommerce alternative payment options 

Based on your agreement with Verifone, there might be alternative payment methods that you would like to provide to your shoppers as options available on the payment page. Select the alternative payment methods you wish to offer in your checkout and click on Save changes once you are done with your settings: 

  • PayPal
    • PayPal payment provider contract ID: The ID can be found in Verifone Central, under Administration → Payment Provider Contracts, after selecting the contract available for PayPal as a service provider.
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay/Mobile Pay/Vipps
    • SCA (Strong Customer Authentication): Given that wallet payment providers already have Delegated Authentication rights to perform Strong Customer Authentication, we recommend setting this to “wallet”. 
    • Apple Pay/Google Pay/Mobile Pay/Vipps Payment Provider Contract ID: The ID can be found in Verifone Central, under Administration → Payment Provider Contracts, after selecting the contract available to process card payments through the desired wallet-type APM.
  • Swish
    • no additional fields should be configured
  • Klarna
    • no additional fields should be configured
  • GPP2
    • GPP2 payment provider contract ID: The ID can be found in Verifone Central, under Administration → Payment Provider Contracts, after selecting the contract available for GPP2 as a service provider.

Advanced settings

woocmmerce advanced settings

The advanced settings allow the more advanced options to be tuned:

  • Complete order on payment: Automatically change the order status to complete once the payment is successfully done. Enable this if you don’t have any additional steps in your order flow after a payment has been completed. Example: If you need to perform shipping or inventory checks, disable this and move the order to “Completed” manually through the “Orders” tab.
   Learn here how to manage your order status with WooCommerce.
  • Enable cURL verify host and peer: Enable this setting to avoid plugin requests to time out. Highly recommended if both host and peer are using HTTPS (TLS).
  • Empty shopping cart when placing order: This option will empty the shopping cart when the buyer is redirected to the Verifone checkout. Keep this setting unchecked if you want the buyer to be able to recover their cart until they have successfully paid for the order. We recommend having this enabled together with webhooks to avoid duplicated orders.

Setting up webhooks

Why are webhooks important and where can the merchant read more on this?  

  • Ensure that Orders are updated even if the customer abandons the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) 
  • Sync Orders with Verifone Central so that any modification done on Verifone is reflected in WooCommerce as well (e.g., refunds performed on Verifone Central)
  • More on webhooks can be found here.

To set up webhooks for the cart events, follow these steps:

1. Go to WooCommerce Settings and click on the Payments tab.

2. Copy the URL below from the Payments tab.

woocommerce add webhook new

3. Paste the URL into your Verifone Central account, under Notifications.

4. Fill out all the fields to create your notification (webhook) and click Save to update your settings.

woocommerce add webhook new 1

Error handling and troubleshooting

If you encounter any errors during the installation and configuration of the WooCommerce plugin, you can find a log of all errors in the WooCommerce dashboard, under WooCommerce → Status → Logs. In order to speed up the resolution, please attach these logs when creating a support ticket to Verifone as it will help our support teams track down the issue.


On the right-hand side of the screen, select the log you wish to view and click on the View button.

woo test log

Download the Verifone Payment Module

Release date Build Release notes

  • Fixed authorization/capture flow when using webhooks.
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