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Tokenized Card Payments

Last updated: 13-Mar-2024

The following steps describe a successful flow for performing tokenized card payments using mobile SDKs:

  1. Shopper selects card as the payment method.
  2. Check if your backend has a token stored for this shopper. If this token exists already, place a TokenPaymentRequest on the eCom API and skip to step 8. If the token does not exist already, proceed with step 3. 
  3. Your app will send a call to Verifone SDK to display the Card Form. The following information should be passed to the Card Form: card capture key, and the option to display the stored credentials toggle as true.
  4. Verifone SDK will provide your app with the encrypted card data, shopper name, card brand and truefor saving the shopper's card data (in case it is false, the process follows the normal card transaction flow).
  5. Send the above data to your backend and initiate a Create Token API call.
  6. The eCom API will return to your backend the reused token. Store this on you backend for future payments.
  7. Initiate a TokenPaymentRequest on eCom API to proceed with the current transaction.
  8. The eCom API will send the transaction result to your backend.
  9. (Optional) Send the information to the app and display it in your own Thank you page (or a "payment successful/failed" message if a Thank you page does not fit your app).
  10. You can check the latest status of your app transactions in Verifone Central.

Tokenized Card Payments

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