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Online Payments

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Getting started

Accepting online payments with Verifone can be done through multiple integration methods. This page describes what you need to know in order to decide on which integration method is best for you and where to find the essential information like URLs and how to authenticate with our API.

API authentication

To process transactions through the sandbox and production environments you will be using different API keys. One key is used for sandbox and one is used for production. Make sure your API key and secret are never stored on the client's side, they are only intended for server to server API calls.

Get your API key here!

Environment variables

The URL you use determines if you are making calls into the sandbox or production environments. Different URLs, API keys and other variables need to be used in sandbox and production. When setting up your environments make sure the following variables are configurable:

URLs See below
API key Retrieved from Verifone Central
User ID Retrieved from Verifone Central
Payment Provider Contracts Administration > Payment Provider Contracts > [Contract] > Payment Provider Contract ID value
3DS Contract Administration > 3D-Secure Provider Contracts > [Contract] > 3-D Secure Contract ID
Entity ID Administration > Organizations > [Organization] > Organisation ID value


Sandbox and production URLs


Global Sandbox



EMEA Production



US Production



US Sandbox



NZ Production


Integration methods

Online payments can be processed by using our Checkout solution as a Hosted Payments Page (HPP) or an Iframe. Payment modifications can be done directly via the Portal, or by using Server-to-Server API calls. A comparison of the different integration methods can be found here:

Integration method Description PCI compliancy
Hosted Payments Page (HPP) Full page redirect to Verifone servers SAQ A
Iframe Render a Verifone hosted form on your website SAQ A
Pay by Link Send payment links to your customers manually or automate with an API SAQ A
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