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Online payments

Payment actions

Last updated: 09-Dec-2022


Payment Provider Contracts (PPCs) are available to a given organization to process a particular payment method. Thus, PPCs create a connection between the acquirer or other payment method processors. 
Utilize Processor entity to enter the Merchant's credentials assigned by the relevant processor.
Reuse Processors for different accounts in case the Merchant Account of the acquirer/processor supports multi-currency.

Payment Actions

Payment actions are handled through your regional portal (Verifone Central) or the API. 

Thus, you (the merchant) can integrate your backend systems with the Verifone API.

When you handle payment actions via Verifone Central, you do not need to have an additional integration endpoint.

Depending on your region and your integration method you can select the corresponding environments from Sandbox and Production URLs to perform payment actions.

Payment Processing

An organization requires to have connected (linked) processors and accounts for payment processing. Processors are available within the organization's scope. 

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