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Online Payments

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Payment Provider Contracts (PPCs) are available to a given organisation to process for a particular payment method - it creates the link between the acquirer or other payment method processor to the organisation. Merchant credentials assigned by the relevant processor will need to be entered in the Processor entity. Processors can be reused for different accounts in case the Merchant account of the acquirer / processor supports multi-currency.

  • Capturing authorisations
  • Cancelling captures
  • Refunding transactions

Payment actions can be done through your regional portal or the API:




A benefit of the API is that it can be linked to a merchant's backend system. The benefit of using the portal is that it saves the merchant from integrating to an additional endpoint.

To process payments, an organisation must have processors and accounts. Processors are available within the scope of an organisation. For an account to receive payments for one or more processors, they must be linked.

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