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Searching Transactions

Last updated: 29-Mar-2023

Searching transactions from Shopify in Verifone Central

  1. After opening an order in your Shopify admin, scroll down to the Timeline section.


  2. Find and click to expand on the line confirming "payment was processed on Verifone Checkout".

    Payment confirmed line

  3. Click to expand on Information from the gateway and copy the ID displayed under Payment indicator.

  4. Log into your Verifone Central Account and navigate to Reports -> Transactions.


  5. Click the Transaction ID filter to expand the dropdown located next to the search input, then select Merchant reference.

  6. Paste the reference copied earlier into the search input box.

       Modify the date range to fit the one of your transactions, then click the Search button.

    Paste reference ID

Searching transactions from Verifone Central in Shopify

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Transactions.

  2. Click on the needed transaction and select the Details tab, in the transaction data box.

    Details tab

  3. Copy the ID displayed under the Merchant reference indicator.

  4. Go to Shopify, paste the ID in the search box, at the top of the page and hit Enter.

    Shopify search box

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