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Shows details for an agreement token, by an agreement token ID, that was created in Initiate Billing Agreement API

Required fields

There are no required fields for show token details API

Optional fields

There are no optional fields.


Here is an example of GET request that can be used for getting an agreement token.

curl -v -X GET '<SERVER URL>/billingAgreement/token/<Token>?ppcUid=<PPC Id>' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <Access Token>'



The response for show token details will look like this:

    "description": "Stored PayPal account with The Partner merchant",
    "tokenId": "BA-2P312934M8351860T",
    "status": "APPROVED",
    "collectShippingAddress": false,
    "enableAddressChange": true,
    "redirectUrls": {
        "cancelUrl": "",
        "returnUrl": ""


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