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Sometimes a merchant wants to ensure that the customer's card details are valid and can be used to make a payment, without making the actual payment at the time. This can be done via a transaction referred to as an Account Verification. Account Verification transactions do not have an amount, so there is no money being blocked or moved from the customer's card. However, processing such transaction can provide the merchant with the knowledge on whether the card is valid, but also indicate CVV validity and AVS information, depending on if it is supported by your acquirer supports this feature. Account verification is also known as 'zero-value'.

Set up

Checkout pages can be setup for processing transactions. This is done by providing the amount of the Checkout as 0. If configurations.card.captureNow as true is provided it will be overridden with false because it is not possible to capture an account verification payment.


Account verification can be used in combination with 3D-Secure. Follow the steps in the Accepting 3D-Secure payments document to configure Checkout for 3D-Secure, then set the amount to 0 (zero). No money will be reserved on the cardholder'ss account and an authentication will be done.

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