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PrestaShop Configuration

Last updated: 17-Mar-2023

After installing the Verifone Payment Module into your PrestaShop admin, you will need to configure the correct credentials that will associate it to your Verifone account.

  1. Click on Configure to add your information (you can find all the details in your Verifone Central account).


    Account settings

    account settings

    The information in the Account settings area is mandatory. Once the User ID, API Key and Organisation ID fields are completed, click on Save changes.

    • Choose environment: By toggling this setting you can switch between production and test mode. You can use the Verifone Sandbox (CST) environment to test your integration (for this, you will need to have an account set up in the test environment). If the Test mode (CST) option is switched ON, you will need to use the information from your test account (user ID, API key, organization ID, PPC etc).
    • User ID: The ID of the user that generated the API key in Verifone Central. You can find this information in your Verifone Central account, under ProfileAPI Keys.
    • API Key: The value of the API Key you created in Verifone Central.
    • Organisation ID: The Organisation ID can be found in Verifone Central, under AdministrationOrganisations. There might be several organisations available as part of your account hierarchy. When filling in the organisation ID here, make sure you pick the ID of the organisation connected to your Payment Provider Contract. You can check that by clicking on the organisation and searching for the associated payment provider contracts.
    • Verifone account region: The region in which your Verifone account is created;

    Display settings

    This area allows you to configure the look and feel of your payment page.

    display settings

    • Checkout type: You can choose whether you need the Verifone checkout to be displayed as a standalone page (HPP) or as an iFrame.
    • Title: This controls the title of the payment method which the shopper sees during checkout.
    • Description: This controls the description which the shopper sees during checkout.
    • Theme ID: Allows you to setup a custom theme for your payment page, by using the tool available in your Verifone Central account. Once the theme is created, you will be able to pick up the theme ID and fill it in the Display settings section. More on themes can be found here.
      general information

    Setting up your payment methods

    You will need to enable and set up at least 1 payment method option. Either enable the Card payments option from the Card settings tab, or/and select an alternative payment method from the Alternative payments tab.

    Card settings

    card settings

    • Once the Card payments option is enabled you need to provide information about your Payment provider contract ID. You can find this info in your Verifone Central account, under AdministrationPayment Provider Contracts. Make sure you collect the ID belonging to the Payment Provider Contract that enables card payments.
    • If you enable the Card 3DS option, you need to provide information about your 3DS Contract ID. The 3DS Contract ID can be found in your Verifone Central account, under Administration3-D Secure Provider Contracts.

    Alternative payments

    Based on your agreement with Verifone, there might be alternative payment methods that you would like to provide to your shoppers as options available on the payment page.

    alternative payments

    • Apple Pay/Google Pay
      • SCA (Strong Customer Authentication): Given that wallet payment providers already have Delegated Authentication rights to perform Strong Customer Authentication, we recommend setting this to “wallet”.
      • Apple Pay/Google Pay: The ID can be found in Verifone Central, under AdministrationPayment Provider Contracts, after selecting the contract available to process card payments through the desired wallet-type APM.

    Advanced settings

    advanced settings

    • CURL verify host and peer: Enable this setting to avoid plugin requests to time out. Highly recommended if both host and peer are using HTTPS (TLS).
  2. Once all needed options are selected, click on Save changes.

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