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Verifone WooCommerce for Subscriptions FAQs

Last updated: 19-Aug-2022
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Q: Can we use WooCommerce Subscriptions if we apply another plugin to build our website?
A: To use the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on, you need to use WordPress for building your website and WooCommerce to accept online payments, as prerequisites.
Q: What fees will I pay to Verifone to use the WooCommerce Subscriptions module?
A: You will need to pay a $199 per year subscription fee to WooCommerce. 
Q: Does Verifone – WooCommerce Subscription plugin work regardless of the acquirer used to process online payments? 
A: For this plugin to work, Verifone's integration to the relevant acquirer of your choice needs to support card processing on file/ recurring transactions. You can find the list of acquirers we are integrated with here.
Q: If end customers choose to be billed automatically, do we need to send Verifone renewal payment requests for our customers?
A: After setting up the catalogue of your subscription-based offering, the plugin will trigger payment requests to Verifone, without any action needed on your side.
Q: Where will we be able to see reporting on the subscriptions of our customers?
A: Once the subscriptions plugin is enabled, the WooCommerce reporting area will also include extensive reporting on customer subscriptions. You will be able to see a detailed view of each subscription, including customer information, payment schedule, payment status – and you will also be able to perform actions on each of these. In the same time, Verifone Central will also display a detailed view of each of the payments associated to those subscriptions.
Q: Do subscriptions only work with credit cards? What if we also wish to provide shoppers with the option to use Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)?
A: The Verifone - WooCommerce plugin for subscriptions is configured to detect that there is a subscription present in the cart and will only display card payments as an available payment method. If there's no subscription-based product added to the shopping cart, all available payment methods will be displayed.
Q: How will a customer know that a renewal is coming soon? How will we know that one of our customers canceled their subscription? 
A: The plugin comes with a set of new email notifications specific to subscriptions. There are also additional WooCommerce plug-ins handling renewal reminders and other event notifications. These extra plugins handling email notifications do not need an integration to our Verifone platform and can be used right away.
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