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Verifone WooCommerce for Subscriptions

Last updated: 19-Aug-2022
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WooCommerce Subscriptions is a plugin that enables processing payments for subscriptions, allowing merchants to create and manage recurring payments for their products. This add-on provides support: trials, sign-ups, subscription management and reporting, synchronised payments, notifications, customer account management. 

The fee for using this plugin is $199, billed on an annual basis by WooCommerce.


Verifone WooCommerce for Subscriptions​ is available globally and supports subscription billing when card payments are the associated payment method.


  • WooCommerce Subscriptions comes on top/ as an add-on to the WooCommerce Plugin for Single Payments. For this purpose, you first need to install it.
  • The next step is making sure the acquirer you are using in conjunction with our gateway services supports card on file/ recurring payments. You can find this information here.
  • Further on, to use subscriptions, you'll need a WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
  • token scope needs to be generated and assigned to your merchant site organisation that Verifone created for your account. To generate and assign a token scope to your Merchant site, the user needs to be set at parent level (Merchant company). To then be able to process subscription payments, you need a second user, attached to the Merchant site - the ID of this user is the one you should be configuring in the plugin.


Once you have installed WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin you'll need to:

  1. Enable subscriptions as shown below.
  2. Add the token scope ID.

Woocommerce enable subscriptions

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